I've gotten engaged irl and I was wondering how/when/if I should tell my fiancee about my Maladaptive Daydreaming.

Tips? Thoughts? Tricks?

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I tried telling mine and it was weird, they almost brushed it off. He sees it as some weird hobby, and because I often write out daydreams we have started to call it "my writing". So when I say I'd rather stay home and write, that kind of covers it. 

I think we are the onlyones realising how maladaptive it gets. Sometimes I tell him that I didn't do something because "I got stuck" but he doesn't get why I can't break away from it. That's probably the thing that will take more time to explain.

Congratulations on your engagement. If you feel its important to tell him then you should, I definitely agree with what other have said about taking it slow, especially what Swords has said about dumping too much information at once. Maybe just start by asking him if he ever daydreams (I was surprised to find out some people don't). 

He also may already realise something is up depending on how you act when DD and if you do it in front of him. My bf was the one to ask me who I was talking to and why I'm always waving my hands about and thats really how our conversation about it started. He realises that it takes up a lot of time but I don't really think he understands I can't control or stop it.

I hope it all goes well when you tell him but keep in mind that chances are he doesn't have MD so whilst he may support you he won't necessarily understand it. 


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