My daydreaming is beginning to takeover my life and I try to control it but I can’t seem too as it makes me feel happy, content and loved. But I notice myself not paying attention in class and zoning out when I’m with my friends because of it and I have big exams in a few months and I don’t want to do badly in them because of it. Especially because In exams I struggle the most. Any advice would be extremely welcomed. Thank you :)

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It took me a few years to walk away from MDD. It feels as if your in a funk when you get out of yourself. I think the sooner you quit the better. It used to make me feel happy, content and loved when I was your age. When I entered my 30's, I scare myself looking back at these years. I realize how much time I've lost not zoning into my real life. In fact, I feel as if I've crawled out of a rock.

Hi, Naomi! Zoning out is completely natural for MD. I'm a bio major at my university, so I know a little how you feel :) What I would always do is compartmentalize; carve out a portion of my day that I can daydream and slowly decrease that interval of time as the week continues. So, one day, I would daydream for two hours and then stop. Then, the next day, I'd shorten it to an hour and a half, and so forth. I know you can't turn the daydreams off, so if you feel the urge, you can walk around for 5 min or so and then come back to the studying. For me, I imagined my main character in my daydream being motivated by a tutor to help me focus on my exams. Soft piano music and meditation also helps. You just need to organize the time you spend studying and the time you spend daydreaming, and you'll be great. Hope this helps!!!

- Arhum 


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