How often do you bring your characters into the real world?

or When do you? Please tell me im not the only one!!!

Take me for example: i bring  my characters into the real world a lot. Whenever someone (typically my dad) says something rude or makes me feel bad i have my favorite DD character james swoop in and calm me down or comfort me. Like he`ll tell me to take deep breaths and not to worry about it. I feel like a complete freak now that ive actually typed this out. Or in stressful sitautions such as yesterday when i discovered a very awful secret i wasnt suppose to find out i was really freaking out on the verge of a mental breakdown and the only thing that calmed me down was my characters. So is this just me or do you other daydreamers do it too?


and one last thing: does this mean i have imaginary friends? Cuz that sounds completely insane and weird and i dont know..

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Hi Lizzy. I don't know if it is the same as having imaginary friends, because I suppose that you (like me) know very well that it isn't real. It seems to be similar though, but don't worry about being insane or weird.

I have done this many times, taking a bad situation and reforming it in my dreamworld. What I do even more often: pretending to be telling a story about it to my dreamfriends. As if it's already in the past and I can laugh about it and it made me stronger. It seems to me that is what you're doing too: focussing on your dream-world, that you CAN control, instead of on the stressful situation that you CANNOT control.
I suppose it's similar to having imaginary friends, but who cares?  It certainly doesn't make you crazy.  My DD characters interact with me all the time, both commenting on what is happening, reframing it to make it more palatable or enjoyable in some way; it's one of the perks of this syndrome.

All the time! o_o Like for example, when I'm at the grocery store, I make my characters go shopping, walk around people, and talk about the same stuff I'm looking at. I take the perspective of following them from behind as they're minding their own business. I don't usually interact with them though. Maybe one day, just for laughs, I'll make them notice me and wonder if I'm a stalker. =P


My characters do comfort me, but not directly. I just imagine them dealing with the same problem or something even worse.

I've been paying attention to this the last couple of days and I really do this all the time. Yesterday I was on a date and when conversation stalled for a minute I imagined talking to two of my characters. It was fun. I don't talk out loud, but I do sometimes grin because I make myself laugh. My date noticed it and he said it was cute (probably thought I was smiling because I was walking next to him haha).
Yes. Growing up the way I did I was behind the social curve. It is easier for me to be social I am with my charactors. If not I might spend all my time at home.

unfortunatley the only time i dont really do this is when im interacting with real people in the real world but anything can trigger it like music and etc. like i totally do it at work and im afraid that sometimes ill get caught or something

I don't really bring characters into the real world anymore. I used to though. Now I just think about a happy/funny scenario I've saved in my head especially for times when I don't feel so good. They're so effective, they make me smile and laugh out loud. It's pretty embarrassing just bursting out laughing for no apparent reason though. I do have things that resemble DD characters in real life though. Like a teddy bear I named Chryss after my favourite guy character. I know that's totally whack, but I don't really care what other people think anymore. They don't understand because they can't see what's going on inside my head.

I will do this sometimes, but only if I'm in bed, because that's the place I make myself have 'emotional' DDs, where me or one of my DD characters is (usually) crying or upset, and by that time I've normally calmd down anyway.


Slightly off topic: Your favourite DD character is called James as well!?

Can you read my mind!? OK, you probably can't. Phew, because my DDs would be very embarrassing if anyone found out exactly what they were, even if it was another MDer.  

Edited because apparently 'by that tim I've calmed down' and to fix the italics that went weird when I originally typed this.

I do this on occasion.  I've noticed that whenever I go on vacation somewhere, I imagine that a couple of my characters are with me, having fun and relaxing ^_^  I've also recently been bringing Kasumi into my daily life, just to sort of "get to know her" a little better: that's been fun.  Sometimes, when I've been crying or feeling upset, I imagine a character just gently putting their hand on my shoulder.  I think I might start to do this a lot more now that I'm a full-time student: there's a lot of potential "plot" for college classmates and classmate adventures!  :D

Don't worry, this happens to me aswell. When i need comfort or someone to talk to in comes one of my characters. OMG totally crazy but who cares, what harm is there in it. I don't know though if it is imaginary friends.

YESYESYES. i never ever put myself into my daydreams but when i'm sad i'll daydream about one of my daydream characters being there with me and calming me down. most of the time when this happens, it's because my parents are yelling at me because my pacing is "shaking the whole house" hahaha. except once it was when some of my friends had hurt my feelings. and then when i feel better, i'll just kinda press the reset button in my mind and it'll be like that never happened to my character. xD that's the only time that i do it, is when i'm sad and one of my characters is kind of calming me down. it happens about once a month, maybe less. i don't consider it having imaginary friends because i hardly ever do it, and when it does happen i just consider it part of my MD.

Sometimes I wonder if everybody does this. Not the exessive daydreaming, but thinking of people to talk to or comfort us when we're lonely. Being lonely and scared are emotions everybody has and maybe all people like to imagine someone there with them - wether that person is made up or real.


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