How much do your surroundings affect your daydreaming?

If this has been posted before, my bad lol

Do any of you have specific times or places where your daydreaming gets intense, or maybe decreases or stops entirely? Or are your DD habits constant no matter where you are?

Personally, my daydreaming used to be a constant, 24/7 thing. But I've moved twice in the past two years and I've found that I can't get back into that immersive nonstop daydreaming that I had in my old house. Back in high school, I noticed that certain classrooms made it very easy to get lost in my DDs, while some rooms made it impossible to focus on them (and this had nothing to do with the class/teachers themselves; I could DD in classes I loved and those I hated). Car rides also used to trigger my DDs, but lately I've been realizing that it's mainly just my dad's old van that makes me lose touch with the waking world.

Even in my old house, I had specific places where my DDs were extremely intense--my bedroom, a certain chair, the downstairs bathroom, a rug in the corner of my brother's bedroom...pretty random places. 

My DDs are also easier to come by at night, around 6pm--10pm, but maybe that's just because I've trained myself over the years to DD while wrapping up the day and getting prepared for bed.

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Just about any of my surroundings can affect my daydreams- especially if I'm in a busy place where I see a situation that I can include in one of my stories. Just the other day two women got into a fight in front of a store, and I somehow managed to integrate that into my daydreams.

I live in Germany, so there's a lot of open space and plenty of beautiful scenery. I daydream the most when I'm walking by the Rhine or riding the train to Köln.

My favorite places to daydream are in my bed, on the train, by the river near my house, basically anywhere that's quiet. I also daydream intensely at night, before I go to bed, especially if I've added a new element to my story and need to tie up some loose ends.

I daydream a lot in certain situations, but I have found that I am unable to daydream when I am with my friends or at their houses, as I am too busy living in this universe. My major daydreaming places are sitting at my desk, in my bed and walking places.

Also sometimes when I visit places I can use them as a setting for my daydream and imagine my characters going there in the future.

My daydream pops in the minute there is no talking around me, it comes in completely uninvited and unintentional. I can have my family around me yelling and talking and the minute they go outside or something *pop* I'm in the other world. So basically almost every waking minute I'm alone whether it's driving, walking, washing dishes, etc. I have my longest stretches at night for sure, that's when they get very intense. 

I always do it when i'm in my room or during car rides, specially bus rides, and in that case i must listen to music. When it's in my room, it has to be in my bed, the room doesn't matter much because i have moved a lot since i started daydreaming. I wonder if t would be the same if i bought a new bed. In other places, i have to make a conscious effort to ~get in the mood~. Is easier when nobody is talking to me.

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