I'm just curious if there is a connection. When I was in school I got teased a lot and didn't have many friends.  I'd spend a great deal of time in my room watching movies, listening to music and being in my own little world.  Til this day I'm still  an outsider, I have 0 friends. The only people I associate with are my children, husband, parents and sister. Even my extended family doesn't really accept me. I don't like being by people in general. 

I think for me it might be an issue..maybe because I'm no accepted in the real world and have low self esteem, I wonder off into my fantasy land in my head. Just a thought.

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I was definitely an outcast, at school and in my "family".  As an adult, I'm a loner.  I spend most of my time alone.  I don't know if that's what caused your MD, if your desire to daydream caused you to be distant from the world, or if there's no connection.  

Honestly, I wasn't ever an outcast. I made friends easily and did well maintaining my relationships with friends. I think that everyone starts daydreaming for a different reason. I can definitely see how feeling isolated or alone could lead to daydreaming. I think mine was caused by trying to change my personality.


When I was a kid I was very outgoing, talkative, and energetic. I was also a control freak and I told everyone what to do. As I became older I realized that people didn't really like this trait in me and got really frustrated with me. My family used to always compare me to one of my cousin's personality, which I knew wasn't a compliment at all. I made a conscious effort to change my personality and not be like her. When I was about 11 or 12, I became very introverted and hated spending time with my family and avoided my friends a lot after school... This is when I got lost in daydreaming and is the reason that I think it grew into such a huge thing for me. It gave me complete control over an entire world that I created, which helped me lack interest in controlling people in the real world and also gave me a way to just hide my thoughts and feelings.


I've always been a creative person and I think that creativity is probably the most common factor that any of us with MD have. I don't think that there is a specific personality type or thing we all have in common other than that. I'm not a shy person.. I do have really bad anxiety though and I get severely depressed very easily. So I think that it's like any other addiction... We use it to cope with different things in our lives, just in a creative way instead.

I've always been an outcast for pretty much no reason at all. When I was younger I was bullied for just about anything that I did, even if other kids were acting even weirder. In my daydreams I'm also always an outcast. There are some differences, though. I'm usually not totally alone, I'm part of some sort of group and I'm an outcast for being part of that group. For example, I used to daydream that I was a vampire who was constantly being hunted by vampire slayers but was protected by other vampires.
I was an outcast all the way up to 7th grade, mostly because I didn't really know how to act around people, so I would walk alone at recess and I would sit alone in class. Then I got into sports, and I felt accepted because I got to hang out with pretty cool and nice guys. But it still feels awkward being with girls, because I'm afraid I might embarass myself :/

I do as well

I most definitely was an outcast when I was younger and kind of still am. I was bullied regularly in school, teased for just about everything. My mother was an alcoholic, so my home life wasn't exactly pleasant either. Books and movies became my escape.

I only have a couple close friends and it has been that way my entire life. For me and the school I went to, getting teased meant you were a decent human being (from my perspective). Because if you weren't being teased by someone, it meant that you were doing the teasing - and people didn't want to mess with you. 

I think maintaining good relationships/friendships takes a lot of time/effort. I usually prefer living in my head as opposed to putting in that effort - so I end up not making as many friends as I could. 

Yes. I get ignored.

People think just because I don't talk, I'm stupid, and they never give me a chance.

Yes I was bullied throughout my entire school career. It died down a bit in high school, probably because I wasn't in class with most of my bullies, and secondly some of them actually matured in high school and stopped bullying me. All my life I have been the outcast, misfit, underdog whatever you wanna call it. I was always the weird one as well. I am a nice person, but prefer to be alone, I am also very shy. Still in school I had a few people that hung around me, I am sure this was because I am a nice, quiet person. later in high school the people I hung with were just few in number, but for the most part like myself shy, quiet, nice, misfits. So I can't say that I have been completely alone all my school years maybe some years I was alone, but not all of them. Still the bullying lasted well into high school. As far as family goes yeah I am the misfit/oddball in here, even so my immediate family really love me a lot, and I love them so much. They accept me as I am, and I accept them as they are. Actually my family just chops my weirdness as it  just "me being me" and that's more than ok with them. I am definitely blessed to have a loving mother and sister that accept me :)

Now this I get alot people do think that I am dumb, and have no intelligence because I am quiet, but that is not true. I am not saying or bragging that I am oh so smart, but I am not dumb for sure. When people do this to me it really annoys me and makes me wanna lash out at them. Sometimes I almost lose it and embarrass them right on the spot, but so far I have managed to control my frustration with them.

ᴘᴀᴛɪᴇɴᴛ ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ ʜᴜɴᴅʀᴇᴅ said:

Yes. I get ignored.

People think just because I don't talk, I'm stupid, and they never give me a chance.

Yes.  I was bullied at all of the schools and colleges I attended and I think that is why I find it so hard to interact with people in the real world.  I have since learnt how to and I think I am starting to do it quite well but for the most part I find that I don't want to.  I don't particularly like people BUT, it has to be done if I want to improve socially and improve my mental state of mind.  I find that I  MD more when I am alone and have not interacted with people for some time.  While this has a therapeutic affect on me if I do it too often and too frequently it ca n be hard to come down from when I have to interact with people from the real world.

I've definitely been an outcast/outsider all my life. Ever since pre-school, I didn't have friends. I was bullied from kindergarten until 10th grade. After that, I went to college early. Even now, where I'm surrounded by great people and "friends", I'm still a loner. I'll stay in my room and forget to talk to my friends for days. It's habit I guess, or maybe it's just the way I am.


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