I have noticed that many of the post mention being an artist or a creative writer. Just wondering if it may have something to do with the right brain. I am a visual artist, pastel painter.

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why thank you! :) I wish I could appreciate my art just as much when it comes to drawing/painting. Thanks!

Riley said:
And you are really good at it if I may say so :)

stranger in a strange land said:

I like doing nail art. I even run a blog with picture tutorials. But that's about it.

In the past I gave it a try, writing a book, but it didn't go well. Got stuck at chapter 2; 3 years ago I believe. Also, I had this one time thing writing poems. I wrote over 50 haikus and a random poem one night. I was very angry about something...

I used to paint and draw very often, but then I just realised I didn't like my work anymore so I stopped. In kindergarten, when they asked what we would like to become once we grow up, I answered that I wanted to become a painter :D

Anyway, people say I make great paintings, but that doesn't mean much to me anymore. I'm not happy with my painting and writing, so I do nail art instead. And I love it. Maybe not always, but most of the time :)

haaa, I like that thought 'a painter of small canvasses made of keratin.' :) thanks!

lizbourbon said:

I had no idea what nail art was (I may or may not have thought it involved nail clippings...) but that is really great! Like tiny paintings! I'm a fan of the genre now. I think you are like a painter now, as you said you'd like to be when you grow up, just a painter of small canvasses made of keratin.

stranger in a strange land said:

I like doing nail art. I even run a blog with picture tutorials. But that's about it.

I have been writing for the last 2 months to make some use of this habit of daydreaming. I am loving it,though stuff i write is not great, and i will continue it for  a long time.
I've shared some of my stories, yes, and to my relief I usually get a pretty positive response.  I think that my reluctance to share might also be rooted in paranoia.  Most of my protagonists are based on the alter egos of myself, and I worry that a reader might see that.  I dunno why, but that would make me feel really awkward.  >_>

lizbourbon said:
A lot of my daydreams are so corny I wouldn't share them with anyone directly. But I can see how it would work if I made them more compelling. The detail and emotion is already there! Did anyone ever read your stories Cheryl? What did they say?

I love drawing.......I've tried writing but i find it hard to transfer thoughts to paper

I use to have a pretty big passion for drawing but I started to get too much pressure from it and the passion faded and then I describe what I think is my true calling which is writing. I'm still a little rough around the edges but have been told I'm a good writer ( but if you ask me I'll just say decent). The only problem is (and this may be attributed from my dd) I get ideas so rapidly, that I hardly ever finish a writing before moving on to the next. 

I have a huge intrest in wiring especially poetry and I started getting in to drawing a little bit less than a year so I am new and not as good as I can be.

I'm a musician, and that's the extent of my artistic abilities.

I like a bit of painting and sketching, but really don't do much. I also do like to sometimes work on copper- or silverfoils. I will admit, I hate any sort of writing - reading it, fine. But not writing it or thinking up the ideas.

I also do a little bit of photoshop, and  I like a little bit of photography, but don't know or do much.

I also used to play guitar, but rarely ever practiced (just like I rarely ever study, or practice my MMA, or do don't do much homework) and my teacher moved a bit far away to travel and we just never bothered to find another teacher.

I'm a writer. Have written since I was a child. I've recently published a novel that came directly out of my fantasy world. When I'm working on a book I see and hear scenes and conversations in my head. I can lie in bed and a whole other life unfolds in my head. Somtimes I'm a part of the action but often I'm just an observer even though I can feel the emotions of the characters. I do find it extremely difficult to plan a story though because they very much unfold day by day, scene by scene and I find it hard to focus enough to think ahead to a future point even though I may start out with and idea of the main plot. I have times when I can't write and that's usually when Real Life gets in the way and I don't have enough time to dd. I hate that; not writing makes me miserable so I hate when the voices dry up and I can't feel the charcters any more.  Not sure if any of this makes sense. I've only just discovered that there might be a name for the way I live inside my head most of the time.

No... I guess that my daydreams are just unproductive.

I write poetry and I paint, draw, sculpt, do photography,do graphic design, interior design.


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