IN my MD only i am there ,,,,,actually a super version of me who is very smart ,beautiful ,intelligent and successful ,, and some handsome guy who keep on changing according to the daydream,,,,,,it is very rare there r more number of people r there ,,,

I have seen that people on this site say a number of time i cant leave my daydreams becoz i have develop a bond with the characters of my daydream,,,but in my daydreams there is only one person basically that is me,,,I want to ask u all what does this mean,,,,,y other have more characters ,,,,,

and how many characters r there in yur daydreams

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There are 36 members of "my family" (biological, by marriage, godparents/children) plus several hundred characters. Some have minor roles, but about one third of them is crucial to all story lines.

Characters... There's a LOT of minor characters that don't currently have much to them, but I have about 6 main, important characters (there kind of used to be able 12 but a group of them left for a while and shall be back someday because they do come back in the future.)

And yeah, one of those main ones is me.

Well, okay... I have 71 defined characters in one world (different dimensions) and 46 is active, and I have 20 more characters in another world and 10 is active. I have original characters and some I borrowed and changed according to my taste. Of course I have more characters like the townspeople etc.  and there are characters who have more than one versions.

I ususally have about 7 or so plus me.  I'm the main one as you are and is a "super" version of myself.  The players have changed over the years and sometimes they vary within a given daydream.  I don't like a lot of other people cuz that would distract from me;-]

13 main characters and hundreds of others  

Around 12, 13, or 14 main ones. A bunch of minor ones.

I have 4 major characters that interact with each other (one is me). I also have one other character who is an employee of mine in my home. I also have several others who are minor characters, some are relatives of the major characters. 

This all plays out like a movie inside my head.

It starts out with me with a man who I know in real life. We end up together and get married. Shortly after I find out I'm pregnant (this is almost comical because I am too old to get pregnant and I have no parts), but anyway, he ends up dying. We are good friends with his brother and his wife. Right after my husband finds out that he has terminal cancer, his brothers wife dies in a car accident. A few months later, my husband dies and make his brother promise that he will take care of me and his unborn child, which he does and on down the road, we eventually end up together, get married and have a child of our own.

I see this play out in my mind over and over and over. I will play out from the time I meet the first brother, until he dies until I think I have it just right and then I will also play out after he has died and I have our child and I end up with his brother until I think I have that right.

This whole thing is so crazy, and I can NOT just walk away from my story. I have tried writing it down, and I do work on it from time to time, but just thinking about it is a trigger for me and I have to walk away from the computer and just DD.

What makes this crazier is I am happily married (to neither person in my DD) and my husband has NO clue of my DD's.

Maybe I'm just crazy !!!

I have a mom and a dad.. Couple of brothers and i then theres me as a beautiful girl and her boyfriend/husband.. Somethimes she dies when i get bored of being her.. And sometimes she gets married and has children so i take the place of her daughter to start a new life.. Then so on.. Its so weird sharing this..

i wanted to ask what does number of character signifies in a daydream??????????what does it tells u about yur self ,,,,,i   know its a complicated answer but,,,, just wanted to know is there any relationship between the number of characters and y that much of number only????

I have multiple characters. One thing thats constant is that I'm the center of attention. I'm mostly beautiful, intelligent and charming.
And there's a person, most often a man, who is crazy about me. Depending upon my mood, I and others keep changing. I'm actually amazed that so many of you have the same story or setting, for me everything I see, read, or hear is a trigger and it ends up in my dd.

Like Lisa, I have a husband who has no idea. He just thinks he's married to a really slow, lazy woman.

Sky high, I'm intrigued by your question. What can the high number mean? That I'm fickle minded? Or that I have ADD along with MD?


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