i started to daydream in the 8th grade. 

i was shy and quite and average looking girl.

i didn't like myself .i was plain and ordinary .

i want to be different. 

i made a list of all the things i that was wrong with me.

i daydream of a ideal version of me who was perfect.

i imagine me being funny ,the most popular girl in school ,dating the hottest guys and wearing the coolest clothes.

i was beautiful ,talent ,smart.

i began to give her countless number of friends and boyfriends

i made her a family

then before i knew it i thought about her all the time .

i had MDD

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Thats me too.. I even make sure the names sound good.. Let me give you an example.. Of my daydream

My name is baileigh cartwright.. Im beautiful smart talented and small.. Im 18 years old and im dating a detective named Chris collins.. Before i was in a relationship with him.. I was in a bad situation.. I dated a guy named jason. I was so in love with him but he died in the hospital and i was pregnant.. But i didnt know. Eventually my dad paid for me a place and said as long as i went to college everything would fall into place for me.. I decided i didnt want to go.. So he cut me off.. I ended up loosing my baby and i didnt have any money so a friend referred me to a man named james. She said he would pay me a lot of money to work for him. I took the offer and it turned out he used me for prostitution.. I was in deep for 6 months until i got out.. I eventually talked to me dad and he took me back in.. My dad then introduced me to a cheis collins.. And now we are doing better than ever..

Daydream continues

lately my daydreams change. It's alla bout my idealized self put in different situations. Sometimes I'm a singer, an actress or even a vampire lol. It usually depends on what tv shows I'm watching.


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