Has anyone ever imagined or pretended to be someone their totally not in certain situations, and a bunch "heated" persons confronted you about it? Maybe you imagined being a favorite fictional character or hero/heroine and somebody eventually found out and thought you were nuts. It often happened when I was suddenly put in any serious and responsible situations. I've had people call me all sorts of names, even get pretty pissed. I've even wound up looking too idiotic.

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In real life I've been caught many many times. And every single time I got laughed at or looked at funny. I do sometimes daydream that one of my MD character's find out about it and they support me. It helps a little. 

Yeah, that's so interesting. I too find that after I face a tough, embarrassing or hurtful moment with a person, a kind and gentle MD character witnesses the scene and comforts me right away. This character is usually a sweet talking woman. She's very caring and is never critical when it comes to anything I do. She never gets angry or upset, but she does smile and laugh. After a while she can get consistently too nice, because I made her up as I wanted her to appear. Believe me, even the most genuine of people have overreacted in an intense and really upset way towards me. It just shows me that their real. Yeah, but anybody actually living on this planet will find something strange about us day dreaming off and not feel so good watching us. I've known some people who I thought liked me, and one caught me laughing at nothing, but he suddenly got very disturbed. I wonder if he still liked me after that!


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