How has maladaptive day dreaming affects your life?

It has made me a bit sad because I always imagine myself as what I'm not and I've started to accept half for me
And now I'm getting happier but I'm always imagining to be what I'm 
Not and it's just takes up space in my head.... Sorry for any typos because I'm on mi iPod right now 

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Completely ruined mine. I spent my entire life daydreaming it away instead of actually living it. While people around me made something of their lives (one became a police officer, another a doctor, etc), I just daydreamed about good things happening to me in the future, as if I expected things to fall into my lap instead of getting out there in the real world and working hard for the things I wanted for myself.
I'm having this issue too..... That's why j want to stop my MD I'm sorry about what happened to you
But what you said just made me realize that I can sto this.... Good things don't fall into my lap... I have to get them


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