A friendly thread; post how you've been doing lately, what's going on in your life, your latest DD experiences, etc.

The forums are getting slow, and I want to hear from you all!


For me, I'm doing pretty well. I got my learner's permit finally (still a bit ashamed of waiting until after high school to learn to drive...), and I've been doing a lot of cleaning around the house. It's been a very productive week for me.

DD-wise, things have still been slow. I've been so exhausted these past few months (both physically and mentally) that whenever I have the slightest bit of free time, I'm immediately asleep. I miss being able to sit in bed for hours and hours while getting lost in my DDs...all I can manage now is the short mental distractions I get during the day when I'm supposed to be doing something else.

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Hi, I'm generally feeling awesome these days!

Just want to tell all of you who are looking to live a life that's less made of fantasy: it can be done. Just keep trying, find your own way, and the solution will be found within you - not self help articles, pop psychology, or anything of the like, but arising from your own intuition. You will know what needs to be done.

Have a nice day!

I'm feeling great, thanks for asking :) It's my last big summervacation before leaving high school and becoming a student. Thinking about my future makes me very scared, but I try no to think about it, and I manage to get myself happy. I am often dissapointing myself for not being productive as well, but no one seem sto be bothered by this besides me, so I guess I shouldn't panic about it either. Happiness is al that remains ;)

I have been dreaming about a machine that will be build in the near future. In my dream they call it the Freudmachine: the machine to disprove God. The construction of this machine has taken decades already, and the machine has caused A LOT of controversity. (there are protests around the construction site every day, and there have been a lot of terrorist attacks.) The designer of the machine is called Ed Devard. Ed's father had the idea/breakthrough and had told it to his son, right before he "suicided".
The machine was almost finished, whene Ed Decard is forced to leave his home to prevent terrorist-attacks. (He was threathened by the cultleader named Rex) He goes to an area called Metenham.
There was a nuclear dissaster in Metenham that forced everyone to flee, but that was like a centurie ago and the radiation is almost gone now. People start to buy the old abandonend houses there and clean them up again. Ed has bought a villa there. There is a smalle part of Metenham where there is still radiation. Ed goes hiking there (using the right protection) and in the middel of that dangerous area he finds a place at the sea where the radiation is suddenly gone. It's a little church. He goes inside, and meets an angel speaking Gods words. At first he doesn't want to believe that God exists (he was an atheist, and an looked down upon the religous) but God makes him believe against his will. It becomes a psychological dillema: his life goal is to disprove the God in which he believes now. It is killing him.
However, after a lot of reflection he relises that if there realy is a God ( he knows there is now) that the Freudmachine won't work. He keeps on building the machine, knowing it will not work.
But when the day is there: the machine works, and the entire world is told that God doesn't exist. This means war and riots all over the world. While Ed is crying in the mids of the chaos, an angel comes down and tells Ed the following:
1. Machines don't have faith, therefor machines will always be incapable of detecting a lot of things.
2. If one keeps on thinking rationally (like a machine) than that person will miss out on the most part of life.
and 3. You can disprove Me, you can disprove Me very easely. But you can never deny Me.

It is a weird dream but I like it :) I am daydreaming all the time, but because now that it's vacation, I can afford that :D

I hope that whoever reading this gets as happy as me!

i was depressed for awhile but i've been feeling a lot better in the past few months. i don't know how long that'll last because i leave for college next month, but i hope i stay this way. i have a boyfriend now too for the first time ever, but it feels like i've had tons of relationship experience because i do in my daydreams. things have mostly been looking up.

Girl who dreams, we daydream the same way. I'm a big pacer and I've always daydreamed about myself
I usually pace/skip when I DD. It's interfering with my studies and normal hobbies. I've always been a DD-er, everyone said I was creative when I was a child and they all love the short stories I write even now. I'm scared of making it stop because I think it's a huge motivator in my writing. The problem is I'm so preoccupied with this that I don't even have time to engage in my favorite hobbies like playing my guitar and reading and even ironically writing.
Rozhan, same boat. I feel for you. I can't seem to be able to write. I think that's because writing is an outlet - an expression of self and we pour out so much of ourselves into these dreams that there's nothing left to pour into written stories. Stories are made and played out in our head completely - so no motivation to write them down. But if we want other people to read them someday - we need to make that effort - even though it won't feel natural. I sometimes push myself to write down my dreams - even if in a sketchy or crude way, and I go back and edit them on a good day. Such days are few and far between, but even then.
I urge you to try this - even if we save a small percentage of the stories, well it's better than having nothing at all. Good luck!

Hi. I'm actually not very good. I just tried to improve things with my social anxiety, but eventually I only made it worse.

As for mdd, I let it stay for now, because when I feel really terrible, it's the only thing that helps me to stop thinking about my problems.


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