I was wondering how many of you alter your daydreams to fit the current season/holiday in reality?

Do you switch the setting of your daydreams to autumn when you notice the leaves falling outside? Or do you set your daydreams to summer as soon as you feel the first bitter wind of the season? Or are your daydreams completely unrelated?

Also, does anyone "pause" their current storyline in order to have a separate daydream to celebrate a holiday?

I do this sometimes; I might be in the middle of something completely different in my daydreams, but if it's Christmas or Halloween I might take the time to have a more holiday-themed daydream just for fun.

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Most of my daydreams don't have seasons and tend to only happens in rooms I've been in a lot. I have noticed that when the weather is very extreme(like, heavy rain, snow, lighting) my daydreams switch to the same setting. It's like MD has it's own personality, and when it notices that I'm about to get distracted, it changes it form enough so that it makes up for it. In a snow storm, I will imagine me or one of my characters walking through the snow in the same way that I do, but with a different, more exciting purpose.

On christmas eve, at family gatherings and other such important happenings, I will imagine me and my current favourite character(always an old love interest, or someone like them but with all the flaws removed) at this event. They will sit next to me and make comments to make me feel less lonely, and later on, maybe start doing their usual dramatic stuff.

The only time the seasons are noticeable otherwise, are when I am extending and changing memories from my past. Then it will be at the season that it was, and we will wear the same clothes we did back then. I haven't had long, fictional character daydreams since I was 14. Now, it is mostly very short famous people crushes, or - 99.999% at the time - old real romances.

I do this, but also with slight details of the weather. If it's just a little windy or humid that day, the weather of my daydreams often changes to match.

I do this all the time. Most of my season/holiday daydreams are around christmas and autumn, since fall is my favorite season, I've had daydreams related to spring too. I've also noticed that sometimes my daydreams don't match with the weather outside. Sometimes I'll have a daydream that is set in spring time when it's snowing outside. I never actually realized how much holidays and weather affected my daydreaming.  

Daydream time passes just the same as it does in reality most of the time, although sometimes I skip forwards or backwards, to plan things that will happen in the future, or revisit favourite storylines from the past. So, in the summer, my daydream character is hanging out by the pool, going outside, trying to keep cool in the heat when it is a particularly hot day here, and in the winter, my character is planning Halloween and Christmas parties, making snowmen when it snows and her house has Christmas decorations up throughout December.

I never adapt my daydreams to reality. However I pause them constantly to move on to another one. But I always come back to all my daydreams at some point.

Hi Andy,

All my DDs are in "real time", so the seasons all fit with the fantasy. I am OCD, so I get a bit anxious when the weather in my location differs from the weather in my fantasy world. For instance, I need to know if the weather is hot and sunny in California when I am in wet and windy London.



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