Hello Everybody,


Thank you for letting me join


I am sorry as i don’t know if i am writing in the correct place, but I wanted to introduce myself,


i am 24 and live in UK,I have always been very dreamy and am often described as living in my own world, i am married and live with my in laws.


I wasn’t particularly amazed that so many people are like me and have different fantasy worlds I was more surprised that not everyone was like me to be honest, i always thought that everyone was the same with there dreams just it was something that no one likes to discuss or is private like a dream.

But this is my second time recently that i was shocked to learn that not everyone has the same opinions or thoughts as me!


I seem very sociable and over talk i think to over compensate my actual shyness but ask my parents or husband if i am shy they will argue till there blue in the face that i am not. but that’s because when i am in a situation where i am nervous i have my 'imaginary figures' with me to support me.

I will never get rid of these friends/ family they are as close to me as my husband is.


Thanks to God I have had a brilliant childhood and husband but i also have a lovely imaginary family too. I don’t have any friends as any free time i have away from chores and work is dreaming and reading and my husband is the first boyfriend i have ever had, i jus latched onto him and married him but then i am his first too!


I was just wondering if there is any correlation between the types of fantasies and our real lives? as in all my fantasies i am never married in them and don’t have boyfriends and for some reason or other my mother is not a big part of it she either died or is away a lot.


Also has anyone ever day dreamed about dreaming? i jus went though a patch where my character was going through a rough patch and she started making a dream world for herself so I was like in 2 dream worlds at once!


Sorry for rambling.

And thanks for listening




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Welcome, Roobles, nice to have you here.


I can definitely identify myself on what you say , I have also a wonderful family from the outside world I am a happy women, but I do not stop daydreaming and it is getting worse with time. Nobody around me knows the extend of this, from my friends and family point of view I am absent minded, but at work it start to get problematic...

I cannot concentrate and during meeting I am far far away .. oups

 you are not alone in this situation

good luck



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