Today was one of those many days that I daydreamed from the moment I woke up 'till late at evening. I'm 22 and it’s been like this since I can remember, I think it
started when I was about 12 or 13. I never knew what it was, I just found out
about if 10 minutes ago that I have maladaptive daydreamers disorder. Today
after I took a shower I decided to google about this, and see if there are
other people that are like me. I have to say I'm still in shock to realize I'm not
the only one. I'm glad that there is a group like this, so I can talk about it
to someone, because I have a feeling if I ever tell this to anyone at home they
are going to laugh at me and think I'm crazy. I read about the symptom and it’s
creepy how accurate they are. I think my trigger is music, because most of the
time when I start listening to it I start daydreaming and I can’t stop. I sometimes,
repeat the same scenario over and over and time passes without me even
realizing. It happens also when I read books or watch a movie. I noticed when I
do this I, I now it’s going to sound stupid, but I always drink water from the
bottle or walk around the room. I read that those are repetitive movements that are also one of the symptoms. The other thing is that I sometimes talk to myself make hand gestures, or make facial expressions as I daydream.That can look so stupid when I drive with my bike while I’m listening to music. I’m so happy that I’m not the only one that is experiencing this and that I know now that there is something is wrong with me. I hope you can help me with some advices how to cope with this because I can’t do this anymore. I should be studying because I have exams in 10 days and I just can’t waste my time to lie on my bed and do this.

I few weeks ago I wrote this quote down on my paper; I got so good at avoiding life that I forgot how to live. I don’t want my life to go away like that; I want to live
in the real world not in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist. Thank you so much for
reading this; you cannot believe how good it feels to finally tell about this
to someone.

 And I apologize for any grammatical mistakes; English is not my native language.

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You definitely sound like one of us. I know this is frustrating to live with. It's easier knowing we're not alone. Please feel free to share anything you like, even if it sounds like something new. Sometimes we have symptoms we're afraid to talk about or just don't think to until someone else does. No one will think you're weird. Don't worry about your English. You made your points very well. Thanks for sharing.


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