Wow, am I glad to finally find this place. I'm 37 and have had this problem most of my life in varying degrees. I've never told anyone. (Unless you count telling my mother that I had a movie projector in my head when i was about 6 years old. Yeah, she thought that was pretty funny.)

It's been such a relief to find this site and read through the discussions about MD and everyone's experiences. It seems like there is a lot of variation in what we do, but for me DDing is an escape - I had an emotionally traumatic childhood, and suffer from depression and anxiety (which are paradoxically made worse by the MDing.) My fantasy life is a place to escape to.

Strangely enough i have had a break from MDing for the last 6 days or so as I have been doing some work. I feel so much better when I don't do it, but I know from past experience these hiatuses do not last forever.

I look forward to sharing and getting to know people.

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Welcome, Paradox.  I'll look forward to getting to know you.  Do you cook?  In your DD's?

Hi Roxanne.


Yes, Sometimes I'm quite the entertainer in my DDs, although not in real life.  So much easier that way lol.


What about you?

Me, too.  In my DD's, I imagine myself an excellent hostess & cook.  Hope you can join Norwegian dinner.
Welcome aboard! I had a small break lately as well because I've been engrossed in writing fanfiction, but the DDs always come back more intense than ever, like "hey did ya miss me?!" lol xD
Hey Paradox. Welcome. I know that feeling when you first find this place and read through everything on here. It's great, isn't it?
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.


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