What would it be like to pursue one of your daydreams?


What would it be like to find a realistic application to your daydream and make it come to reality?


That's just a thought I had the other day, and I thought it may be worth a share. I know that it seems so trivial, but I want you to give it some honest thought and tell me how you felt when you gave your daydream that consideration.

I've been in therapy for around 2 years now. I've shared the concept of maladaptive daydreaming with my therapist. I think she's somewhat on board with what I experience, but she calls it "ruminations" instead. Honestly, it has been a mix of rumination and full-fledged fantasy. 

Like many others, I came to therapy very depressed. I had a challenging adolescence to say the least (mostly family issues). Over the years, I forgot that I was a creative child. My therapist helped me remember/prioritize my creativity. It BLOWS MY MIND how I lost that part of myself.

I remember spending HOURS each day (as a kid) daydreaming about becoming a secret agent, fighting crime, falling in love, doing acrobatics, becoming a popstar, etc. I (more or less) wanted to become a badass, a powerful communicator and influencer.  Unfortunately, my fantasies were so crazy and elaborate that I dismissed the possibility that I could become a badass and family matters clouded my dreams. The ruminations took over. When I began delving into my creative pursuits again, things become more clear. 

Recently, I began reading some self-help books. I read You Are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero and that helped me frame the concept that any person can pursue their dreams; be anyone that they want to be. That book helped me realize that my lack of confidence was the result of me not fulfilling my desires or meeting the values and standards that I (subconsciously) set for myself.

So how would I make my dreams come to fruition?

A realistic application of "becoming a secret agent" would be to do something that simulates what it would be like to become a secret agent. In other words, I could take up a martial arts or sniper class. 

I could take up singing lessons to find the realistic application of "becoming a popstar." I won't, because I've already been in a choir and have singing experience at this point. But that doesn't change the fact that I seek to be on stage and inspire others... I can apply realistic applications to that dream.

I'm really curious about what you think about all of this.  

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