Hi! I've read that a side effect of MDD is headaches (and I get headaches a lot) but I was curious if anyone here experiences frequent bouts of vertigo. I had it once particularly bad a while ago for the first time and now they are occurring more and more often (although less severely) and I fear that it's linked to MDD. So has anyone had similar experiences?

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I hardly ever get headaches, but when I do get them they're from trying to distract myself with TV or movies for hours.

I don't get a lot of headaches, but if I've been daydreaming for more than 5 hours (okay, reading that just now made me realize how severe my MD is), my head feels really foggy. I feel kind of numb and brain-dead, almost like a zombie. I also feel really dazed and disoriented.

I did get a really bad headache from trying to stop MD, though.


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