I was wondering if any of you ever told a therapist about your MD and how they reacted? I kind of want to tell a therapist about my problems but I feel like if I tell them that I'm sitting in my room all day, pacing, rocking back and forth, making faces etc. while making up vivid scenarios in my head they're gonna think I'm crazy? How do they react to this? Especially when they never heard of MD? Which, I'm pretty sure, is going to be the case. 

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yes,....I was severely depressed and felt dd helped me escape reality.........eventually  she put me on nardil.............a year and a half   later  I was functioning as a member of " society".......my dd  survived  and I  still use it to enjoy and create,

I did and she just called me creative and suggested I write. I even mentioned MDD and she didn't seem to get it.


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