Me personally, ive only been caught by teachers. Thank
God for that, I do not need my friends or (especially) 
My family nosing around in how I spend my personal time. 
But my dad was sooooo close to catching me i swear it was the scariest thing I've ever
Experienced. I was just reading various blogs and such when my dad so rudely barges in and
I abruptly slam my laptop shut. Well pretty obvious I know! Then he asks suspiciously "what was that?"
Palms sweating, heart threatening to beat right out of my chest "it's uh fan fiction! Where u right your own stories
And stuff.. He believed me .. I hope.. But if he would've made me
Let him look himself I don't know what I would have done! 
I.. I just hope that never happens again and I will make
Sure to be extra careful next time
Around!! Soooo my question is: have YOU ever been caught?

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I have been caught before by my friends at school. It got to the point where I was "zoned out" too much and they were pretty worried. I told them what it was (I knew I could trust them because I share everything with them, they know I am going through hard times and whatnot.) they were very understanding. I have been caught by my family countless times but can usually use the excuse that I am just tired. I can't really tell them about it though cause they are not very understanding people. They think I am like this because I spend too much time on the internet...


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