I have been a maladaptive daydreamer for years, but always wondered why I was so alone in reality. Fictional characters in my mind were always kind and agreeable to me, and living with them was always joyous. However, when it comes to dealing with real live people, it's usually the dead opposite. I seldom found myself in good company all my life. I suffer from ASD and daydream a lot, and so many people have picked up that I'm not really with them. In fact, many of them found my patterns of behavior were so off, and they felt I had serious issues. Almost all of them didn't like me as a friend. Their reactions were often so insensitive and it always made my situation really embarrassing.

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I hope that you find some decent friends who are more understanding, try and meet people online e.t.c. 

My situation was different. I always had many friends but they just used me for contacts and to get a  better social life, then when they found other people and friends. They ended our friendship one way or another. 

I especially stopped daydreaming because I kept on getting caught in the act. I can't tell you how many people noticed my eyes go all dazed. Even if tried to keep my eyes looking focused, someone would still wonder if I'm listening, because I'm all quiet, blank faced and paused. That is why I envy others who can get away with it better.


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