Has anyone ever daydreamed about real people in their lives?

And did it feel awkward afterward or were you alright?  If I fall back into MD, I want to be able to imagine real people in daydream but I'm scared I wouldn't be able to look them in the eye...

By the way, I'm new here.  I have a history of MD from a very young age, but I managed to overcome it completely last year.  Lately, I've daydreamed a few minutes here and there, but I'm scared of relapsing.  When I daydream, I avoid having romantic or sexual fantasies although, I used to daydream about those things when I was younger.



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I don't. In my daydream I have a sister with the same name and same age difference, but she looks like a celebrity. This makes me feel bad as my sister is beautiful, it's just that if she was in my daydream she'd act like herself. Which means she'd tell me to snap out of it. And how can I indulge in a daydream if that happens?

Yes, lots! For example, I have often daydreamed about my psychology professors being psychiatrists for my imaginary characters, based on what they really specialized in. Then I'd go visit them during their office hours to talk about class-related material like nothing ever happened, lol. I also daydream about my family, but never anything bad about them (only bad things about me), so I feel alright. xD

I understand how you feel about the ackwardness. I had a crush on this guy in middle school and I just felt VERY uncomfortable daydreaming about him, because when i would see him its just... it feels weird to have "experienced"   things with him but he didnt have any idea about it.. Also i cant because im worried they might find out im daydreaming about them (im pretty paranoid at times) . and imagine how creeped out they would be if they knew i was imagining kissing them *blushes*.  And i really dont DD of other people bcuz for me my daydreams are an escape from everything and everyone around me, and i cant do that with my people in reality inhabiting my daydreams.
There's something about celebrities (or fictional characters) that seems more exciting.  The very fact that they are divorced from reality adds much allure, for me.  I've tried on real life people for size, but it doesn't go anywhere.  I agree with Skylar there.
Thank you for the answers.  I've been curious about this.
Recently I did have a DD about a real person. They were added to my ongoing DD as a sort of new character. It left me feeling confused and unfamiliar with the real person.
last year, i was hanging out with my friend and we saw this girl who was friends with my friend too. we stopped and talked to her for maybe 20 minutes and afterwards, i decided to put her into my daydream. like, i didn't really know enough about her to actually put HER into my daydream, but i thought that her appearance was interesting so i made up a character with her name that looks just like her, except i came up with the personality. now, that girl goes to my school and i can't look her in the eye. it's just weird. i see her in the hallway between a lot of my classes and it's kind of awkward, especially since i've only ever met her twice and i feel like she'd be really creeped out if she knew that she was a character in my daydream and that i have a daydreaming disorder where i daydream about it maybe 40% of my day. she's not one of the main characters though, so i guess that's good. but in my daydream she's friends with one of my main characters so i guess she's just one of the supporting characters. but now that she goes to my school it's just really awkward. the first time i saw her in the hallway i freaked out and i thought OH MY GAWD THAT GIRL LOOKS JUST LIKE MY CHARACTER THAT IS SO WEIRD and then i remembered that she's the person that i based the character off of. :P
You are just sort of borrowing her look to create an entirely different character; like a director would take an actress for that purpose.  The actress isn't the character; she just looks like her.  I wouldn't feel bad; you've done nothing wrong.  But I understand how it would be somewhat uncomfortable to see her.

When I was a kid I used to DD about characters on cartoons and tv shows. ( Don't laugh!) like spiderman or the x-men, or captain picard and lt rieker from star trek next generation. i was always saving the day or impressing them.


Now that i'm older I fantasize about situations with people that it is important for me to please or look good in front of. These days I fantasize about this guy. We like or used to like each other but for some reason the relationsip never took off.  I'll keep reliving a scenario that we may have had in real life ( where I felt good with him) and play it over and over and change it up a little here and there. Those DDs are usually romantic not sexual. 


I'm surprised that people say they feel shame fantasing about ppl. I feel NO shame about that. lol. As long as they dont find out! <---my concern tho is that the fantasies will make me feel more attached to/infatuation with someone that I actually do feel.

yeah i think about people all the freakin time!! i always daydream about people i want to impress like my family my girlfriend, and ust other peple like basically EVERYONE!!! hahahha but mostly my family and my girlfriend and her family. i just want to make them happy i guess i dont know i wanna feel better i hate it that i want to feel better i wish i could just worry about myself and not worry about impressing anybody just myself. but at the same time that would make me happy to impress people. ugh! i just hate it i dont know. but yeah i always daydream about romantic stuff to but mostly impressing people ill stop now. 



all the time. i don't feel awkward about it afterward


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