I hear many people are good at concealing their daydreams, but has anyone had trouble doing this? Just about everyone I've met noticed my peculiar reactions, and wondered why. A lot of people were good at finding out I was actually in other worlds, and were either very angry, super curious in a teasing manner or even appalled. They could tell with how dazed my eyes were, my inappropriate laughter, chit chat with "nobody", but especially when I just wouldn't listen to them. There were moments where I just wanted to sink into the floor, because it was so embarrassing.

I am actually stopping with the day dreaming, as its seriously effecting my reality. I noticed this, and it's so scary, but I lost all definition of myself and what my life actually means. I hardly ever talk to people, at all. So, apparently, I have to discontinue living in my daydream worlds. They did anything else, but give me a future. So, I am beginning to see as to why most everyone carried on that way towards me.

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I've "talked to myself" most of my life. I'm able to do it in private though. My husband just chalks it up to one of my "quirks". 

My parents notice a lot, especially my dad. They consistently point out "you're talking to yourself again" or "you're smiling to yourself". They can recognize when I'm in a daydream, but they don't know it's a real issue. My dad will usually joke, "I talk a lot to myself, too" or tell me to stop "being weird" jokingly. I always end up so embarrassed that I try to deny it. They'll sometimes pry and want to know what I was thinking about, and I'll honestly not always know because my train of thought will go to so many places and sometimes be kind of replaying a daydream until I edit it to my liking.

I used to think this was a "creative person" thing. It's kind of frustrating to know it spiraled out of control and that it's something my parents could recognize since I was in my teenage years at the very least. But oh well.

I envy those whose families and partners are easy on them about it. I live with a family that's the total opposite. My mother and sister find "my talking to myself" and "smiling to myself" very disconcerting.They'll be like, "What's that?" Whenever they show their discomforts, I feel very bad, so I wish I would stop. It's not that simple, as my daydreams keep on reoccurring.

I have been concealing it all my life. My wife doesn't know about it. I don't believe anyone does. At least that's what I think :)


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