Has the creator of your fave series ever seriously 'ticked' you off?

Firstly, I kinda checked out of the community for ages (not good), but I think most members here understand how difficult it is to 'stick' with something - to leave that comfortable hidey hole and interact with actual people.

Anyway, enough babble, on to business...;)

Sometimes I feel like hitting certain authors or creators of franchises I'm into. Not because they aren't sticking to my 'version' of a plot or not using my fave character (I don't really 'self-insert' anymore - I could never compete with the characters in my head), but because I find what they're creating incredibly dull and one dimensional.

I've been 'involved' with a very long running comicbook seriers - I've been reading it since I was very young. In the old days the plots were totally character focused, rich and complex. Some years ago there was a shift in the focus of the series. More superhero antics and drama just for the sake of it - no real focus or development. Just wham, bang, thank you ma'am. The last writer was really into writing lazy shallow characters- I mean one of them killed a guy and there was no real lead up to it or aftermath form her actions.

So when I read writing like that my brain goes, "Really, this is the best you could come up with!? You get paid thousands and this no effort, mediocre drapple is it!? I could do better than this at 3 am while doing the dishes! Grrrr!'

But am I being unfair for doing this? This writer hasn't been living these characters for years - his just doing a job. Nothing in that fast paced industry will ever again be as complex as I want it to be and other readers seem pretty happy...I just can't move past it.

So has anyone else ever really been super angry because it feels like a creator is just phoning it in? Not respecting a book or film series you love. Because their version just seems bland compared to what's happening in your head? Even to the point were it almost manifests as physical pain?

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I don't read many books or watch any tv shows. But I do recognise this critisism towards other creators. Whene you're always making up stories yourself, you get anoyed easely by existing works because they're often not as creative as yours. However it's very logical they aren't as good as your stories since the writer needed to.

1) Do his/her job, he/she doesn't have ultimate freedom like we do in our mind.

2) Story needs to be liked by as many people as possible, which means that it's not the ultimate story for you like your dreams are. They want to play safe, which causes clichées to happen.

I have this so many times. to the point that I am just not interested in barely any story based games, movies or books because I believe they're all boring and uncreative :/

I feel so stupid and narcistic while saying this haha like I am so incredibly creative XD

I haven't felt this towards any writers I have read, but I do tend to criticize other people's, such as my friends' writing. I always just find a problem with it, and I almost always rather blandly state it too. I won't be modest here, I can write pretty well, (as can most MDDers, a pretty cool side-effect of having MDD) so what other people write just bothers me.

I use to felt  that way when I use to DnD  - we had a great DM, but everyone's responses to situations just seemed "weird"...

DM: 'Your being attack by a Gangrel'

Players: 'We don't want to fight it....We rather go back to the club and dance.'

Me: 'Please can we fight? Pretty please? I got all this shiny new powers and these giant claws...'

Ok, in all honesty...they might've just been an unique bunch....who doesn't want to fight feral vamps!?! ;)


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