Found myself in an unsafe place, because my mind wandered off so much. Happened to anyone else?

I decided to get out of the house for a bit the other day, and go for a walk. It was daylight, but it was partially getting darker(all be it very slowly), so I didn't plan to walk for too long. As I was out, I listened to music, and as you guessed it, ended up going into an intense day dream.  Anyway, so because I got so wrapped up in this day dream I was having, by the time I had walked around the village and reached my house again, I decided to walk past it, and continue walking and living this dream out, I felt I had to stay out till I finished the day dream, like it was a 'need' and that if I went back home that early, I'd feel unhappy for the rest of the day for not letting it finish. so I ended up walking further, and further, and walked so far, that I all of a sudden realised I was walking in the countryside in the pitch black at night time, and hours had past, only to have to walk all the way back in the pitch black night, with blistered feet (I was so involved in the day dream I didn't even feel how badly my feet were blistering). That walk home was seriously painful, limping for ages, and then accidentally stepped in a puddle because I couldn't see where I was walking, so that just made it worse. I hadn't lost track of time like that for quite awhile, it kind of shocked me. 

I never like to walk in the dark, I feel unsafe especially as I live in the middle of nowhere, not to mention its hard to see where you're going. So I wouldn't deliberately stay out longer if it was pitch dark and I was alone. The only thing I could use to cope with being freaked out of walking home in the unsafe roads I was walking in to get back home, was to...well...daydream again. so I engrossed myself in the day dreaming again and managed to get myself home without panicking. 

So it put me in an uncomofrtable postion..but it also helped me out of one. This is why I find it so hard to escape it. For the times it causes me problems, there are other times where it helps me so much. 

Just wondered if anyone else has situations like this where they lost track of time or found themself somewhere and had to make your way back?

Also the fact that I was in so much pain with my feet, and everything else, it made me realise how much power the mind has. That when our mind is elsewhere, we have the power to not feel pain. hm

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I can also escape pain by daydreaming. Yesterday I had a stomachache and so I tried daydreaming so I wouldn't feel it. It didn't help because my daydream character ended up breaking their fingers, which hurt worse. LOL.


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