Are you able to listen to music normally?

Because whenever I hear music I just have to dream and create situations . I remember listening to music normally as a kid , just enjoying it. But now that seems impossible

does this happen to anyone else? 

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Yes that happens to me to but I like music in general though and when I listen to music I can make a music video in my head or a story line or something like that

The only way I can listen to a song normally if if I'm singing (or lip-syncing) along with the lyrics.  I have tries to listen to music normally, but I can never make it through a song.

I always daydreamed when I had music on ,even before I got MD. but now that I have MD, I have to act it out or make facial expressions. usually in My daydreams I am the main singer and I am visualizing my music video or singing on stage.

When I associate the lyrics with my characters or with plots of my DD, then this song becomes a huge trigger for me. I can listen to it again and again and  imagine the characters either singing it or just listening to it and thinking of how much it's connected to their life. Sometimes the same song refers to more than one plot. If the song has something to do with my life (or with what I want from my life), I imagine, for example, that there is a movie about me and this song is a score. But if the lyrics don't remind me of anything described, I am able to listen to this song harmlessly, without DD.

By the way, I've never listened to music while pacing. These two things have always been separate for me - music is a 'public transport' trigger, while pacing is a 'home' trigger.

I find it near enough impossible to listen to music without daydreaming. Usually, if i don't like the song, i won't daydream. And i find i can avoid daydreaming if i'm listening to music with friends whilst pre-drinking for a night out; but i still do sometimes do this when with friends drinking.

From what i can remember, as a child i didn't daydream to music. But i think that this may be something to do with experience. For instance, when i was a child i probably didn't pay attention to the lyrics so much, or think about the meaning of the song. I also didn't really have certain songs I relate to others that i know as i do now. 

i always listen to music and pace and i usually daydream about being in an anime world :)

depends on the music, for me......some songs are the perfect trigger, while others don't make it happen. for me, fast songs usually trigger me more than slow I child, I didnt listen to music when I daydreamed, but now I usually do because the music helps with the talking out loud part, at least for me.


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