Are you able to listen to music normally?

Because whenever I hear music I just have to dream and create situations . I remember listening to music normally as a kid , just enjoying it. But now that seems impossible

does this happen to anyone else? 

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As a young child of under 7 when I was listening to music I always saw stuff in my head. For example there are parts of  "The Moldau" (classical piece) that to me sound like weasels running around and playing and I would see this in my mind. Nowadays my fantasy world is far more developed so almost every music I listen to will be re´lated to some scene in my story. And if theres lyrics, I will also imagine myself  as the singer/performer. So its eather an instrumental background or me beeing the great musician I am...(not in reality).

It happens to me. Very much like you I remember daydreaming to music as a kid. My father used to leave the CD player in our room playing all night. I would just lay in bed and daydream till I fell asleep. I was about 8 yrs old then.  But when I reached adolescence and got my first ipod, music became one of my biggest triggers. Every time I here music now, I daydream. Which is a problem for me when I'm driving with the radio on. But of course it depends on the music too, if its music I don't like I wont daydream to it. =P

I can still enjoy music, but only for a limited time. Sometimes if its extremely good, I can come up with a scene spontaneously and I will get an AMAZING rush while doing it. If it's a good song I will listen until I have defined a good daydreaming scene to go along with the song, and when it's as good as it gets, I stop listening to it. Music is like a battery to me, it will power my daydreams until all of its energy is gone, and then I will move on to another song.

I do too. Sometimes its cool but I just can't enjoy music anymore without that happening to me.

I can choose etheir way

Massive trigger for me. I can't remember the last time (if ever) I have listened to music in the house without fantasising that I'm playing it or wrote it. When I go to gigs, I often fantasise, which seems a bit of a waste as I can do that at home.

Music is the biggest fuel for my MD, I only started noticing recently that I would set aside time each day (usually at night) to pace back and forth in my room with my earphones in. I can still (a little bit) listen to music normally but only for a few minutes. After some time I'll have to get up and start walking around aimlessly. If I'm in school and I cant get up and roam around then I end up either getting a lot or no work done at all. In free-thinking classes like art I can get a lot done which is pretty good, but in most other classes I will doze off into some imaginary world with scenarios and all. It doesnt really bother me all that much but it does interfere when my (disabled) father is calling for help and I'm lost in my head

I can only listen to classical music normally. Pop and rock will set me off day dreaming. I will deliberately rock to music to enhance the experience. I have rarely listened to the lyrics.

I don't usually listen to music normally without making up a music video in my head or imagining my character singing it. Sometimes it relates to the situation, like listening to a song about two people in love while imagining one of my characters singing it to their partner, or a montage of relationship moments from them, or someone singing a sad song which relates to their messed up past.

I also imagine the real me singing songs too, especially relating to other people or my life in some way, sometimes I am performing it for other people, and they then sort of begin to realise that it is about them. Sometimes its things that I cant really say to them in life, and then they sort of get it just from the song, other times it is just relating to me generally. Most of my favourite songs relate to either my real life or my daydream, or a bit of both. At the moment my favourite song is Brick By Boring Brick, which is about someone who daydreams too much about a fairytale world and is trying to stop doing it and live in the real world.

The music I listen to also sometimes relates to other daydreams I have on the side that are not part of regular continuity in my storyline. One of them is actually about three teenagers who leave weird messages and art written on walls, that relate to random song lyrics, and a fourth character is looking in and trying to investigate and decode it all and work out what it all means and who is behind it.

I can also listen to classical music normally, as long as it doesn't make me feel things. If I am concentrating on the aria's or the piano part etc I'm actively listening. Whenever my focus shifts to how I feel about the music, I'm off to daydream land. I often use classical music to help me focus. Especially when there are no voices.

Aside from that, if the music touches me deeply, it's fair game to my daydreaming, which means many genres apply. I rarely listen to lyrics and if music is basically just instrument+lyrics (like a piano + voice song, or singer-songrwiters with a guitar) not only will I not daydream on it, but it will also annoy the shit out of me.

Yes it always happens to me. I can not listen to music and not daydream, it just isn't possible for me at all. I have umm physical movement,s so since I act out it is hard for me to listen to music around others, for fear of what I might do. Music is my passion it touches me in a way that nothing else can. So in a way I think that is a reason why I daydream a lot to music, I have always found it very inspiring and inspirational. Personally I just have absolutely no control when I am listening to music. You are not alone trust me.

Yes that happens to me to but I like music in general though and when I listen to music I can make a music video in my head or a story line or something like that


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