Have you ever come across a person that extremely resembled one of them?

If so, how did you feel about it?

I was somewhat disturbed, but now I'm rather fascinated with observing them. It's happened like three times for me, one being a girl that's in a few of my classes and the other two are celebrities/models/somethings. 

Just to be clear, I don't creep on that girl, I've never even spoken to her. I'd feel too weird trying I think. 

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Yes! My current English professor closely resembles one of my "fantasy boyfriend" characters. In addition to looking like my character, he's also a writer, a professor, and really smart, like my character.

Initially, I found him really attractive and intriguing. After a few classes I realized that it's this resemblance to my character that is probably the biggest reason I'm interested in him.

Consequently, he, rather than my character has become the subject of some rather steamy daydreams. :) A fact that does seem a little weird when I'm sitting his classroom.

This is really the only time this has ever happened since most of my characters are inspired by actual people I've encountered in real life.

That must have been interesting. So you didn't notice right off the bat that he resembled your character?

I've noticed slowly that since I've been looking into the people that resemble my characters, I've also started to apply some of the real people's traits to them. It solidifies the character to me somewhat. 


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