Hey everyone my name is Samuel and I am twenty three years old. I have had MD all my life i don't remember a time when i din't. I believe in my case it is biological because i haven't really had any traumatic issues. I have three older brothers two that also have md and one hat doesn't. I am so grateful for this sight because i now kno we are not the only ones. I really ant to stop md because i have wasted countless of hours just daydreaming what are some of the strategies you guys have used to stop daydreaming? The longest I have gone without md is two months so i wantt to know whats the longest someone has gone for?

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Hi Samuel, welcome!

I can't stop daydreaming for one day on my own will. But whenever something serious in my life happens, like getting a child, being ill, someone of the family being seriously ill, being on an exciting holiday, then daydreaming stops by itself for some time.

Some years ago I decided that I don't want to escape into a dreamworld and face all my problems and feelings, no matter how I fear them. I didn't daydream for about 8 months! I thought I was cured, but then daydreams came back and I now can't manage to keep them away for a single day.


Welcome to Wild Minds!

I can't stop daydreaming too but I've successfully cut it back to less than 2 hours a day. I allow myself to daydream only at specific times of the day. The longest I have gone without DDing is when I had jury duty, around 3 days. I have social anxiety so I was very nervous, constantly worrying about it that it became obsessive. After jury duty, my DD came back with a vengeance.


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