Feeling the emotions of your charater in your daydreams.

Any one ever daydreamed about having an disorder or illness and get so into to it that you actually feel as if you really have it? And you can feel all the symptoms and emotions from that charater in your daydreams.

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I get really into my daydreams.  They produce physical reactions all the time.  It usually goes the other way around, though.  I've always had sensitive lungs, so I made my character have a horrible lung disease.  Whenever I feel the slightest bit woozy, she gets really sick, and it's all dramatic.  Lol.  I can totally imagine doing this.
I am ALWAYS daydreaming that my characters have disorders/illnesses! Right now I'm daydreaming one of my characters having bipolar disorder and it all feels VERY intense. I can definitely often  feel her pain and her emotions very deeply. Sometimes I even cry because it touches me so deeply. I am actually writing down my daydreams about her and making it into a little short story. Its pretty fun and just makes it seem all the more real and intense when I put it down on paper.
yep, I have cried, and laughed out load.

Sometimes real life illness gets funneled into my daydreams.  I get migraines so one of my "me" characters is also a migraineur.  So if I have one in real life, he has one.  It helps me cope with it.  On the other hand, one of my "not-me" characters (Vincent) had cancer.  I did not feel the illness.  However, I did feel the intense emotions of the "me" who loved and cared for him.

none of my daydream characters have had disorders or illnesses, so i don't know if i would feel that way if i made it that one of them had an illness. but i have felt the emotions that my characters were feeling in my daydreams just by thinking about a situation that the characters are in. for example, i killed off one of my characters and i started crying when i thought about all the other characters crying over her death. when i daydreamed about one of my characters being bullied and he started crying, i got a little teary eyed too. :/ it's kind of funny how attached i get to my characters even though i know that they aren't real, but i suppose it's the same thing that authors feel when they write about a sad part in their book... they get attached to their characters too. my english teacher taught us "no tears in the writer, no tears in the reader"- if the writer doesn't feel sad or cry when they write a sad part in a story, the reader won't either, & i've cried while reading a sad part in a book before, so that makes me feel a little more normal knowing that people that don't have MD do the same thing when they read or write a sad part in a story.

What your English teacher taught you fits exactly with what one of my favorite author has expressed.  The way he has talked about certain characters dieing, difficult situations, and the one particular hardest book he'd ever written.  Yes, authors do invest a lot of emotion into writing their books.  That's an interesting comparison.  Thanks for bringing it up.  :)
Interesting for u to say this, I am currently in the middle 
Of my most emotional daydream thus far. I guess it's because I have a lot
Of drastic changes and such going on right now. For this daydream I've been laughing out loud,
Crying tears of joy and tears of sadness. My heart hurts whenever my characters do. I 
Get angry along with them. As for disorders no nothing like that so far. But who knows with my insane mins 


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