Does anyone dd about characters from TV or movies? If so, list the movie/show and the characters. How do you incorporate them into your dd? Do you picture yourself having conversations with them, relations with them, ect?

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Yes, you are.
Michelle Young said:

I make up my own characters -names, personality traits, birthdays, family members, likes and dislikes, etc. However, I might sometimes borrow an actor's face, voice, and mannerisms to help me better picture my characters. But I am interacting with my character who just happens to look like a particular actor. Am I making any sense? 

I used to have characters from series and then slowly change them, now I just sort of make my own. Like with Red vs Blue,  my characters are named after predators, not states. And this Homestuck fanfiction I read once (actually, many times) I mostly just use the setting, and make some of my own characters. In the latter, the original characters from the series still exist, somewhere in that world, I just have nothing to do with them.

I've done this too many times for too many shows to remember all of them; the majority of my daydreams involve characters from movies or TV, or my own characters living in a "world" from some show - in other words, most of my daydreams are elaborate, OC-laden fanfiction.

Sometimes.  I also sort of "cast" actors in the roles of some of my important characters.

Some of my characters are from certain TV shows.  The really deep DDs which I tend to act out have action characters in them.  Other, more cerebral/intellectual DDs, which are therapeutic in nature rather than action based have certain documentary or chat show hosts.  Others, are musical in nature, and will have favorite musicians, sometimes even incorporating members of their families too.   When I was a teenager (long time ago now), I tended to make up my own characters.  Some of them were animals.  One of them was a pink elephant who lived in the clouds and taught bag-fu!

In my childhood it was dd all time about Robotech


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