Sometimes this happens to me. I'll have a really intense, really good daydream and I just play it over and over in my head. I'll try to start from the beginning and change somethings, but I end up losing focus and snapping out of my daydream. Like my brain won't let me alter the dream, it was perfect and it has to stay that way. I can respect that, but what I don't get is why it plays on repeat. I can't think of anything else, I just have to live that pretend moment over and over again until I can't daydream anymore. Does this, or anything similar happen to anyone else?

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Yes, so much. They are triggered mainly by certain songs and the repetitive daydreams are, sometimes, in an animated music video form to go with the song. Then I put the song on repeat again, and again, and again. But larger daydreams are usually on repeat again, especially when an external idea inspires me and I suddenly start reviewing (re-inventing) the daydream all over again. 

This happens to me all the time. I think of a really good plot that I love, and just play it over and over again. All throughout the day, and when I am falling asleep. After a few days, I get bored of it and move on.

Also, I associate some daydreams with certain songs, like the characters can relate to that song, and whenever I hear that song, I replay the daydream. That is really annoying, because I have done that with at least 100 songs.

And Zoe, Eretaia, and Adriana S. the same thing happens to me. The scene won't come out right, no matter what I do. Especially when I have two characters standing next to each other. They are supposed to be the same height, but one keeps on growing while the other shrinks so that one is half the height of the other and I can never fix it. It is very annoying.


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