Do you ever catch yourself caught in the middle of your dream world while you're in public?

For me, I am out in public and something gives me an inspiration or idea for my dream world and I will start "seeing" my dream world. Sometimes I'll think about my characters in public. It's really, really awful!

Last night this happened while I was at a movie with my boyfriend. I was having a great time but one of the scenes triggered a day dream. I snapped out of it and realized, holy crap: here I am with my boyfriend, yet I'm daydreaming about my characters.

It wasn't because I was bored or unhappy. It just happened. It's even happened at work.

It almost feels like I'm Tara from the United States of Tara. If you haven't seen the show, she has Dissociative Identity Disorder. I know I don't change into other people, but it feels like I lose control like she does. You ever feel like that? 

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I love United States of Tara. Yes that happens to me o in the middle of class. Then i catch myself and feel embarrassed.

Yes, several times it happens to me too, especially when I have to sit through a long boring lecture. But I try not to daydream in public so that I don't embarrass myself.

Yeah, definitely happens to me in my day-to-day time. I've been caught many a time daydreaming at school and other places. I don't know about being 'embarrassed', as I haven't ever felt that way and really couldn't give less of a care how I look to others, honestly. Might be in large part due to the fact that I'm so self-absorbed all the time... but I don't know, maybe it's something I should try to be a little more aware of. 

I don't move around or talk aloud when I'm MDing. So if I ever got caught, I would just look like I was a super space cadet.

I haven't had a problem in class in a long time since I don't want to miss any part of the lectures (in college you must listen to the professors!). However, I do have problems sometimes thinking about my characters and what conversations I would have with them when I'm in public. Then I won't be focused on who I'm with or what I'm doing.  

oh yes, all the time. I am always in a daydream unless something pulls me out. I usually hide it pretty well but have been "caught" sometimes. Once heading out to lunch I went into "autopilot" heading out the building and deep into my daydream, I passed a coworker in the stairwell and was very embaressed when I realized he had stopped and was starring at me. He had spoken to me and I didn't even hear him. I'm like, oh. I'm sorry, got allot on my mind. lol that's an understatement.

I'm in a constant state of DDing. I'm only in the real world if someone is requiring me to be & I'm usually irritated with that person. I like to move quickly when I'm DDing. So when I'm in a store I'll find myself practically spiriting down the isles. It's embarrassing. Sometimes I'm so engrossed I'll leave the store having walked down every isle but forgetting to buy anything.

It is rare if I'm not DDing in public. I am mostly always in my dream world unless someone is talking to me or I'm reading. When I'm reading, it's because I am in the dream world of the book. When I go to the movies or a store, I will make it so in my DD, my characters are seeing a movie or shopping. When I am DDing I get really quiet and sometimes notice that I am making facial expressions based on what's going on. Then I think, no wonder I don't have many friends. They probably all see me in class zoned out and making faces and think I'm insane. Haha! Also, if someone pulls me out of a DD or out of reading(which is another form of DDing to me) I will get angry and extremely antisocial. Like, I won't even know how to interact with the person. When I am writing stories that gets even worse. It will be like I can't even do my school work because my mind is completely fogged up with what I've been writing and I am not myself at all. 

Now that I'm aware that it's MD, I started paying attention to where and how often I do it...I'm always DD'ing in public, unless I'm talking to someone...and even then, my mind starts to wander.  I guess I'm almost always doing it, and just staying in reality as much as I'm required, there probably are times where I'm not DD ing.  I think I've heard that the average attention span when listening to a lecture or watching a movie is about 7 minutes, so I'm probably not alone on the amount of time my mind wanders.  What is funny now that I found out that it has a name, is that I've told my DD friends about it as well...of course, they knew, lol.

I've had to use the something caught my eye lie more than once the scariest is when it happens when I'm walking or driving I'll arrive at my destination with no memory of the trip. It is very embarrassing but I can't always stop it.


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