I was just thinking this morning that I should ask Cordellia if she had heard any news on the research surveys we took. Then got an email from Eli Somer about just that. They are doing a follow up. If you had checked that you were willing to be contacted you could get a follow up. Anyone else get one? I am so glad the study is proceeding.

Here is what the email said.:

You are receiving this email because you recently participated in our study on daydreaming and agreed to be further contacted by the researchers.  We are very grateful for your participation.  In order to test the stability of the screening tool, (meaning to see if the results are consistent over a period of time), we are asking you to take the section on daydreaming a second time.  This second time will only include the section on daydreaming and should take approximately 15 minutes.  As always, all information is confidential and anonymous, and you are under no obligation to take the second screening or answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable. 

We thank you for all of your help as we begin to learn more about maladaptive daydreaming.  Please find survey link here:


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Thats nice..i wonder why they want you to take the same survey again,most people have MD for years why would it change in a few months?

i wish i could take that survey in time:\ Eli Somer lives 30min from here lol

I was about to post something about that.  I actually emailed him back and got a timeline.  He said that with the data analysis, the rewrites, the peer review, etc, it could be 2015 before we get the final results.  I'll post it in a blog later, when I'm awake.  

That sounds very professional & thorough that they are looking for a follow-up.  I just completed my questionnaire less than a month ago, so look forward to getting same request.  I worked in medical research and this is standard procedure to do this kind of follow-up.

I just got an email from Jayne, and she asked me to encourage everyone who gets this email to please fill out the survey.  I did, and it only took a few minutes.  Thanks to everyone who's helping or tried to help.  

I have done this (the short resit, if you will) it really does only take maybe ten minutes.

We're talking about a follow-up to a study that's being done.  They stopped accepting surveys recently and sent out a follow-up to the people who said they'd be willing to be contacted later for follow-ups.  

Piper Gray said:

Hm, did I miss something?  I don't see a link.

I'd like to inform everyone that I just received an email, so if you've taken the re-sit, you'll probably receive.have received this:

"Dear participants,
I would like to thank all who had taken the re-test. We are still a few dozen participants short of the number of responders needed for an analysis of the MD scale stability.
If you consider helping us with this part of the research, it is important that you fill in the email address you provided us when you first completed the survey. This is how we we will be matching your first and the second forms.
Remember, this will only take 15 minutes of your time.
With best regards,

Do you have another one?  Perhaps you could email Jayne and tell her you have a different email address and ask her if you can participate.  I can email her if you want.  

MatthewR said:

Unfortunately I lost my email account between the time of the survey and the re-test. Otherwise i would have loved to participate.

Oops...I may have actually deleated mine as I get alot of junk mail and just press deleate before reading sometimes.  Nevermind :-).


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