Has anyone read it?  I've been reading it the last two days.  It's a spiritual book about living consciously, living in the now. It's inspired me to be more aware and in the present. 


Most people don't live in the now.  They're living more in thoughts of the future or the past. 


It seems to me that daydreamers aren't really consumed so much by thoughts of the future or past but by some completely alternate pretend world. 

Wherever our daydreaming thoughts lie, it's definitely not in the present.  To make matters worse, our daydreams are often "ego" related.  (I'm using Tolle's use of the word ego here.  If you haven't read the book, you might misunderstand what I mean by that word.)  For a lot of people with MD their daydreams are about being better or special, ideas that only strengthen the ego.  We think having or being those things will fulfill us when they won't.  Fulfillment and happiness can only come from within. 


Anyway, I plan to re-read the book in order to better understand it.  I'd love to hear people's opinions about the book and how they think their MD fits into it.  I'm guessing few here have read the book, though, so I'm not really holding my breath for many responses.  :)

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