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hey, I've got this little question I want to ask you guys. I've recently got my driver's license, and, well... let's just say my career as a formula 1 driver will have to wait. driving is the one thing in the world where you have to stay at the present 100% of the time, which is not that easy for me. I can focus- sometimes. staying focused all the time is next to impossible for me. I was wondering- do any of you DDers have driving issues, have some of you decided to give up driving because of this condition?

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On the contrary, driving is one of the few activities where I can actually control my daydreaming. I'm one of those extremely nervous drivers who pays close attention to everything and hesitates making decisions. I sweat over all the small stuff. I rarely turn on the radio or listen to music because I don't want to risk making stupid mistakes. If it's a long, easy drive, like say 2 hours on the freeway going to grandma's house, I sometimes allow myself to imagine my character driving and pretend that his lover, not my mom, is sitting in the passenger seat lol. However, that's a pretty light daydream where I'm still focusing on the road ahead. I immediately stop it when I change lanes and get off the freeway.

As bad as it sounds, sometimes i find myself subconsciously slipping into a daydream whilst driving. If i get to a situation like merging lanes or when pedestrains are around i have to pull myself back to attention. I find it easier to drive with other people and talk to them.

"I rarely turn on the radio or listen to music" Laila i wish i had that control, i always have my music blasting! sub c

Lol, maybe when I become more comfortable with driving, I won't mind listening to music. But then that might be a trigger for... Oh noes! D: Funny, before I learned how to drive, I daydreamed about blasting techno music in my car so everyone around me could hear how awesome my stuff was. =P

For me, I can drive and daydream at the same time without any problems. I can drive fairly automatically and the scary thing is, is that I sometimes get a shock that I've arrived at my destination without realising it for a few seconds. I suppose I can temporarily take my mind off of my daydreamings when I need to do some mental focussing task like changing lanes or parking.

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