Most of us suffered because of daydreaming,and want out of it. I think it affects our abilities too. It affected my memory and my ability to concentrate. Others must have experienced things like this. I hope everyone would share what kind of problems we are facing because of daydreaming.

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It's best not to blame our MDD!

Use it to your advantage.

I have the same problems. My memory is like a sieve, I write notes for everything, can't remember names (even of my colleagues, which can be very embarrasing). I work very slowly, because I need too many breaks. My colleagues and my boss already know about my bad memory. Like Elude I think that this has to do with not being long enough on one topic to digest it. But even things that I am interested in, I forget. And what about people's names?

I've been forgetful all my life, but I also have been daydreaming all my life. I'm now 47 and I don't think it will get any better.

My analytic thinking is not concerned. Thank goodness!

@jeremy,its not that easy dude, i cant do anything as i cant concentrate.
@elude my fantasies, i feel like that sometimes..
I wonder if i have ADD too,i hope not. :) .
@iris,i forget people's name too.its more than embarrasing when the people are my teachers :)
My sister used to get on me all the time when we were younger because when she would talk about the conversation everyone was having at dinner, I usually wouldn't remember. Sometimes she'd tell me to go downstairs to do something and I would totally forget what I came downstairs to do. My mind was just other places, and there's nothing really unusual about that. "Zoning out" is actually a good ability to have because it allows you to block out unnecessary stimulus, but it can also be annoying.

On the other hand, I've noticed some problems with my memory that seem to be unrelated to my daydreaming or just "zoning out". I think it may have something to do with depersonalization/derealization. Sometimes people will comment on something I said or did a minute ago and I deny whatever they claim I said or did because I have absolutely no memory of it. When I'm having a conversation with someone, I can completely forget what we're talking about, and I think this can be alarming to other people, because it's something more than the usual, "I forgot what I was going to say!" Sometimes I have to have the other person repeat the entire conversation to me.

yes you are right i have both problems but I don't know how to get out of it.Everywhere is darkness .I am feeling myself completely lost and the guilt i feel when someone watching me weird when I am in daydreaming.It's so sad.

@paracosm, i noticed that too,people always keep blaming me for not paying attention. But i dont do it consciously,it just happens.
@silla,we all feel like that sometimes. Try to get some good helped me.....for a while.


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