does anyone here not mind their maladaptive daydreaming?

honestly, i dont mind it. ive had it basically my entire life (i didnt even just daydream like a normal child, the pacing began even when i was six) and ive never had anything traumatic happen to me. it doesnt take that much away from me (maybe 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hrs a day) and it helps me keep creative. also, it's a great stress relief, and the pacing helps me get excersize! i honestly dont see anything wrong with it. i understand if it's more severe than what I have, but for me, I think it's fine. does anyone agree?

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I have always loved my daydreams! They are getting harder to come by lately and I miss them terribly! I went place and did incredible things. I could never have had lived a real life so amazing! I have wonderful memories that I often think about as if it were my real past.  They are a great part of me.

Sabrina said:

I have always loved my daydreams! They are getting harder to come by lately and I miss them terribly! I went place and did incredible things. I could never have had lived a real life so amazing! I have wonderful memories that I often think about as if it were my real past.  They are a great part of me.

It's really good for me to know that other people think it's cool to :D its sad that youre losing them, but yeah.

I am happy with being a daydreamer :)

Ozanne said:

I feel a little bit like John Nash in the movie "A Beautiful Mind" - to have something stripped away from my mind that has been comforting and enjoyable would be very sad.

I'm not schizophrenic, and I'm totally aware that my MD is not my real life, but it's my go-to place to live the life I wish I had.  For some, MDing is just making characters, for me, it's recreating myself as this wonderful celebrity.  I love that life.  In that life I'm beautiful, talented, successful and all things good.  I'm worshipped and adored by millions of people.  I envy the woman I created as me.  I would feel a bit down only to have that leave me to be left with my real boring life. 

So, no I don't mind at all that I do this, and would hate to think of medicating it away or doing something to get treatment to make it cease.  It makes me enjoy books more, and to comfort me when I'm feeling down.

I do the same thing :) I feel the same exact way as you do...

As enjoyable as it is.  I hate suffering from MD.  It has allowed me to be shunned and avoided in my local community as everybody thinks I'm mad. While the act itself can be quite enjoyable too much of it allows me to become too trapped in my mind which is dangerous.

Honestly, I don't mind having Mdd. I love my daydreams and I like all of the pros that come with having mdd. Such as our great ability to be able to focus on reality and fantasy at the same time. Having mdd is what saved my life without it I wouldn't be alive today. Actually I am glad that I have mdd and can not imagine my life without it.

It probably depends on the level of our MDDing. Personally, I'm reasonably OK with it but I know that others on the site would feel the opposite. They could probably think of things in their life that they are missing out and have missed out on because they would rather DD than engage with the outside world. 

Well, I think that if its fine for you than its all good. You do not need anyone's approval on what is "normal" and hat isn't. You are not harming anyone by doing that.

Sometimes my daydreaming gets so intense, I speak out loud at very high volume. I do not like to call it "talking to myself." I prefer the phrase, "speaking my thoughts." I mean, I am not having a full on dialogue as if in communion with another person. I know what I am doing, and I am aware that most people would see this as odd or even crazy. Which is why I am starting to discipline myself to only do this when no one is around.

But I otherwise have no issue with this daydreaming until it interferes with other tasks I want to complete that requires 100% of my full attention. I like to daydream, because I think it fills up this huge void in my heart where I should have friends, family, and a lover close by...I saw a blog about that on here somewhere. Someone theorized that the reason we do this is to compensate for something we do not have that we want(subconsciously I guess). From what I read, seemed like most of the comments denied such a claim, but I beg to differ with those comments and agree with that theory. It makes alot of sense.

"To each his own," as they say, I guess.

I'm the same as you, it hasn't caused me any serious problems. As you said the pacing is good for you, it's what I have a tendency to do to. It can also help me sleep as I have trouble sleeping if I'm just laying there.. so I dream up some stories. 

Luckily I seem to be good at multitasking when it comes to daydreaming, so I don't have worry too much about being distracted. 

It makes me happy and I consider it a hobby. 

I don't mind it, but I hate when it intrudes.  I also hated not knowing what it was!  I grew up near a psychiatric center and I would see the people talking to themselves and yelling and pacing and I really thought that was where I would end up.  That never happened (so far), and I just never understood until recently.  Now, it doesn't bother me so much.  Although, once I found out was it was, I spend my DD time just thinking about how freaking happy I am that I'm not on the road to schizophrenia.  

It's been less then a week, so I suspect I'll return to it.  I do not mind the pacing episodes (now that my husband has been told about it, I'm not afraid of him catching me anymore).  I kind of feel like it's a purge.  I also don't mind something to do while I prep dinner or clean.    I also think if focused it gives me a powerful thinking tool.  I think we have the ability to fully dive into something in a way others can't.  The problem of course.. is focusi....

I find that I like being a daydreamer when I don't have much else to do- when I'm not under stress, and I have a lot of time on my hands. I hate it, though, when I have to work or be productive and all I really want to do is daydream. I have had periods of time when my daydreams were intense and out of control, and I hated it. I tend to like daydreaming more when I am writing them as stories, and I feel like I'm creating something cool.

I just wish that I could find in real life what I'm looking for in my daydreams.

I don't think I suffer from it at all. I'm quite happy that I have it. Sure, I'll admit that there's a downside, that it limits my motivation to meet people and have experiences. But I could likely be dead if it wasn't for MD. And hell, if it wasn't MD, it would have probably been smoking or drugs or I would still be self-harming. I can't imagine living without it; it's such a big part of my life and who I am. Feels kind of like cutting off my arm or something. 


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