Has anyone ever seen sounds or Hear colors while DayDreaming to music?

I don't understand how you can listen to music while daydreaming a situation or fantasy, when i listen to music and daydream i cant close my eyes and imagine this i have to have them open its like i forget everything around me and i can imagine myself as the one singing the song like im in a music video lmao its funny but so serious its a bad habit and causes so much anxiety. Like on the way to school in the car ill be driving by myself and listening to music and daydream the entire time to school like when i arrive i think to myself i cant even believe i made it to my designation daydreaming like i sometimes cant remember taking that left turn or going thru that green light or the road im driving on but surprisingly ive never been in an accident, got lost or anything cause i get lost in my mind to the point were everything im dreaming of is right in front of my eyes. I also can listen to a song (lets say a rap song but i dont like rap im more of a country and punk rock kinda guy) i hear the beat and it will remind me of a color, like the song rainbow colorz by three 6 the beat reminds me of grey and green. And used to be able to hear a song and see the beat like the drums and snares i could imagine them coming from the speakers..... yep Lol.


heres the link to that rainbow colors song and tell me what color it reminds you of idk but dont look it up if you dont like explict music. cause it has a good amount of cursing. Or ignore the lyrics and pay attention to the beat.



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No, but I've always wondered what purple sounds like....

Could that be some form of synethsesia, maybe? I don't know much about it, and won't even act like I do, but it does sound a bit like you have that, or something similar....

I could be misinterpreting what you've said, though.


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