Does anyone else have a ''main character'' other than yourself?

Basically, my maladaptive daydreams don't revolve around me. They revolve around another character who is most essentially me, except he is male and a different ethnicity. I haven't opened up to an expert about this but I believe that this may have been caused by childhood trauma and dissociation, which makes it difficult for me to imagine myself 

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Hmm...why would you believe is more "normal" to take yourself as the main character? I know plenty of people have their main characters not as themselves, but perform as an imaginary celebrity/fictional characters. For me, I have main characters that are based on myself, real life person and purely imaginary characters, but the story background has no real life relations, so their abilities also differ from real life in a large extent.

I have about 3 different characters, they are essentially the same character just with different traits emphasised.  I can't daydream as myself because I am not super happy with who I am and what I look like at the moment and thinking about that gets in the way. 

In my case my main character it´s me... just with different looks, different name, another life basically... but it´s still me (if that makes any sense?).


Yes! Definitely, I have like 30+ different characters in the the same universe that I switch between or 'posses' pretty regularly.

I do the same, but instead I self-insert a better, essentially perfect version of myself which I aspire to be in my stories. 

I have a sort of self-insert, better version of myself, but I always switch around and "possess" my other characters. I have 2 characters who are either in every daydream, or there are huge aspects of them in other characters, and I possess one of these 2 so regularly I basically have 2 main characters

I have trouble saying she's not me. Our backstories I obviously know the difference between, but I'm not sure our personalities are so easily detangled. I've been "playing" her since age 10, after all. I'm not so sure what parts of my head were there originally, which ones developed on their own and which were influenced by the narratives in my head. I don't know who I was in my daydreams before age 10, but it's my earliest memory of specifically being this character (she's evolved in the last 13 years of course, but what happened in my daydreams back then is part of the continuum). 

So yeah, totally different backstory, different name, different world/life/people in her life. She looks a bit prettier but I don't mind keeping the general things the same like hair color/type, height, ethnicity, etc. She'll have similar personality traits and mental health issues but then have different reasons for having them (her inner critic comes from a very harsh mentor of hers growing up, whereas no clue where mine comes from. She's also experienced A LOT more trauma). 

My perception (may be incorrect) has been the most common MC for MDDers is a similar sort of middle ground between the self and a completely different person, but there are so many variations among us.

I have at least 3 main characters which are all super better versions of me. It's like a shell within which I am Perfect in every way and the world around me literally revolves around me. My real life is pretty boring, uneventful, no meaningful relationships..pretty much screwed up. I have never been through a personal trauma of any serious kind. But as far as I can remember, I had been day dreaming from a very early age (5 or 6 years of age). I am somewhat socially awkward, more so  in the presence of the opposite sex. Movies and music are often the triggers. In fact, I don't listen to music to relax. I listen to it to help me dream. It's almost uncontrollable. 

I have different main characters and usually they share same physical features but they differ in abilities. Also, i have other not main but very influential characters where their influence take the leading and change my mood since i am connected everything i created.

I have several alternate versions of myself, most of whom are more talented, qualified, skilled than my real self.

Yup, some of my MCs have absolutely nothing to do with the real me whatsoever. Like yours, one of my favorite MCs is a different gender, age, and culture. I never went through childhood trauma, so I’m not sure why it triggers me. I am sorry to hear that though.
Why do those with md notvwant to talk about it with others outside this forum?


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