Does anyone else feel scared at the thought of abandoning their daydreams?

I was reading more about MD and I found a list of possible treatments. When I was reading it, I suddenly realised, I don't WANT to treat my MD, I want to keep my daydreams.

Does anyone else want to keep on daydreaming, even though it has negative points?

I mean, MD has made everyone think I'm weird (I'm a pacer, I would walk round the playground daydreaming and not play with kids my age [when I was 7, I've learnt not to pace at school] so I could carry on with my daydreams) but I want to keep daydreaming, it feels neccessary, I can't even lie in bed for 5 minutes without daydreaming, I have to daydream so I can lie in the bed and sleep.

 Also, does anyone else feel like daydreaming is all a big pretend game? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it - anyway I'd be a hypocrite if I did - but am I the only one who feels like this about daydreaming?

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Your MD sounds similar to mine, I'm a pacer, and I cant lie in bed without dreaming. I would be so shattered to all of a sudden lose the gift, but I just wish I could control it, so I could be more focussed and get on with my life, but daydream if I really want to.
I have found daydreaming to be helpful to some extent. It helps since I can visualize different possibilities in my mind. It is good to that extent and I do not want to stop. But doing excess of it and without control and being addicted is harmful and I want to stop doing it. It should be voluntary and I should be able to stop doing it if I want to.
I too like it but then there should be more to life than just fantasies in our heads. We can spend our lives just daydreaming and doing other routines but then do little of significance in the real world. It seems like a wasted life.
I did lose the ability to daydream when I was very depressed and it felt like hell to me, but then again I wasn't filling in the void with anything on the outside world. That was three or four years ago. Now I have control over my daydreaming and many more connections with the outside world. I think it's a control and balance issue that you are dealing with. You can limit your daydreaming, but you don't have to get rid of it completely. I don't think you'd have to worry about it disappearing. If it did through medication or whatever, it would be scary at first, but you would adjust just like anyone who finds themselves out of their comfort zone (culture shock). But to achieve things in the real world, you will want more control over your internal world.
Just like Heinrich, I feel a balance is best for me.  Too much daydreaming, the real world doesn't feel real.  No daydreaming, my anxiety spikes out of control.  A balance somewhere in between the extremes helps me feel more "normal", although maintaining that is kind of difficult.

I feel that my daydreaming is really stupid and immature, but i can't imagine life without it. I am scared of a life without it. In my make believe world i have set up an end date, my 18th Birthday (i' 16 now). This was to try and encourage me to stop, but i am terrified of doing so.

Is it a proper addiction?

The mere thought of losing my daydreams makes me scared! My characters are so real to me it would feel like i was abandoning them. Also, if i were "cured" of MD there would definietly be and empty hole in my heart. i wouldnt know what to do with my mornings when im despereately trying to avoid my sister or at night when im laying in my bed, But most of all i would become completely frantic if something stressful or upsetting thing came into my life because i wouldnt have a clue how to deal with. My daydreams have always been an outlet for me and so if i lose that i lose part of myself. As to getting myself cured, from my perspective now it seems impossible due to the fact that i wouldnt allow it. Maybe with some intense therapy intense therapy i could learn to..... live W/O it.... possibly. 

I don't think I could give it up. It would be like trying to cut off an arm or a leg. I wouldn't feel like I was completely me. Life would be awfully boring. But I do known that I need to at least find a way of controlling the pacing and the time spend doing it. Before the hubby thinks the chick he married is even more mental then he thought.
I think most of us will not want to do away with this habit but it should be brought under some control. Yes it should be less maladaptive. Daydreaming can be a very good thing as long as it is under control.
My biggest fear is losing my MD. it's the only thing that has always been there for me even when friends and family have been at odds with me. It would just break my heart to lose my MD.

I have actually been struggling to get rid of this habit for very long. Only recently after joining this forum have i come to l0ok at this habit as a good thing,something i should not do away with. I have been doing meditation for years but not very regularly and hence never got rid of the habit. I always was looking for perfect control of the mind. This led to waste enormous amount of time, perhaps because  habit of mine from childhood comes to atleast 15-16 years will not go away so easily. Also it is a part of me now so I should look at the good side of it and see how I can make good use of this habit. I am a daydreamer and I have always been. Doing away with it or abandoning it will mean I abandon who i am and abandon things i am good at. That makes no sense. This reflection has been possible only after coming to this forum though where i came across the good things about this habit and which i completely overlooked. Doing away with this habit will be equivalent to starting life afresh which is definitely not the right thing to do. I had been trying to do this thing for long and have hence ended up very confused and depressed lately.

I have been a daydreamer and will always(want to) be,I should see how I can make good use of this habit and do good things while i am alive.

i don't want to get rid of mine either, but i suppose the treatment would interest people who actually do have a problem with it and often can't stop or the ones that use it to escape something bad that has happened to them


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