Does anyone else daydream of supernatural or unrealstic things?

Because I do... ( what I dream about is in my blog) and it is...werid.. i guess....

I just want to know if anyone else does so we can compare ideas on this topic.

My dreams are about dragons, faerie, new realms and other things.

I was think about creating a story out of it. A novel of some sort. But that is just an idea.

I realized this today and.. I fear that I may be losing control over my life in the real world.

I want to tell my parents about this too but  one of my parents isn't exactly the supportive type...and it is hard to talk to.

I AM going to go talk to my college counselor to see if they can help me.

What do you, the other maladaptive daydreamers, think about my odd daydreams?

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@Robert M. Laramee, you might want to get that checked out. Crossing a threshold into the future seems, well, pretty unlikely. Maybe you were daydreaming for longer than you thought you did or something. Or you could have some sort of dissociative disorder--mysteriously losing time like that is one of the symptoms.
I'm kind of embarrassed about my current daydream because it clearly reveals how much of a nerd I am. It's focused around a species of humanoid aliens that have mysterious powers. My character is me, except part of that species instead of human. The species was created using genetic engineering by a different species of aliens. They created my species to be part of an experiment. We rebelled, stopped following their instructions, and just did our own thing and created our own empire. Secretly, they actually wanted us to do that (it was part of the experiment) and knew that we would (we don't know that though, we're only just beginning to figure out how much they REALLY control us). There's also a ton of other stuff that goes on. Wars (in space) with other alien empires, encounters with humans (my parents are half-human and insist that I go to school on Earth, which sometimes leads to people accidentally finding out that I have superpowers), babysitting bratty siblings (in real life I'm an only child, but not in my daydreams), the list goes on and on.
Yes. I have 3 different worlds all with their own culture. I have things like controlling elements thanks to my love of avatar the last airbender. I also have teleportation. There are also dragons, phoenixes, wolves with winds and other cool beings. There are also different types of demons. Like vampires, dark angel type people, half human half animal type people.
I also have the idea that everyone has an aura and special 'energy' inside them and they can do cool stuff with it. Demons have really special 'energy' and can do even cooler stuff with it.


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