Hi, I'm new to this forum nice to meet you everyone. English is not my native language so probably i woukd write some things that won't make sense.
So, here is my thing: i started daydreaming since i was a child (like 8, 9 years old?) and i started doing it to distract myself from the bullying i faced in elementary school. But i never had an alter ego in my fantasies like most people seem to have, instead, is like my personality is split between two characters who are usually in a relationship. Is that common or am i the only one who does that? I always do a lot of research and worldbuilding for their "setting" with the intention of writing their "story" someday, but i never care enough about the "plot" or the supporting characters that have nothing to do with mdd, instead i care more about my two split alter ego characters back stories and the way they interact with each other, making all this plotting useless.
I can do some speculation and say that they come from two conflicting parts of my personality and im trying to subconsciously "marry" them together? I have a lot of reasons to think that this is not what is happening here, but is my only theory right now.
So, there is my issue, i guess. I would give more details because i love talking about these guys but it makes me super uncomfortable at the same time.
I hope to make friends here, but im super shy :$ have a nice day!

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I love it. I think we have a lot things in common especially in that matter. I always daydream about a girl with a personality disorder. I make a series of story up in my head and it doesn't have a plot. Just an everyday happenings of her life. I hope that also make sense. English is not my language too. I went here to make friends as well. I just started yesterday. ;)

I don't English either :p

I rarely volentairly daydream about myself, (In my dreams I am always the narrator) but whene I do I often represent different parts of me as characters.

For example: Sometimes whene I am in love I imagine a battle between my Heart and my Brain, Both of them are represented as persons, and both of them lead armies trying to win the war. (No one ever wins :/ )

I realise this is not the same as you have, buuut it's also different from the rest; No alter ego.

It's okay to have no alter ego, or to have no matter what that seems out of the ordinary here. No reason to be shy or ashamed because of it. People accept eachothers here and we can all be friends ;)

In my DD I can 'act' as many of the characters, but my alter ego is called that because he's closest to who I want to be. The drummer in the band he's the front man of is probably most like me in real life, and if I'm having problems in real life then I'll get her to talk to him about the problem and they'll usually work it out between them. The relationships between the four main characters are just as important as the plotlines. There is always tension between the drummer and the alter ego, but nothing ever happens (in regards to marrying) because the drummer has a boyfriend (who she's been with since 2005 in real life years).

I also feel quite uncomfortable talking about them but (hopefully!) no one knows me on here so it's not so bad...

Yeah I feel the same way. I'm afraid but since nobody knows I'll be fine. Make it a story it would be great. And why not let us read it?--wait? Do you write in your language? Which country are you? If u don't mind me knowing. ;)

Any way, Yes I love Evanescence especially Amy lee! She's my heroine. 

Errrr... Im not writing anything at the moment, im busy with college and i spend my free time doing mdd-related useless worldbuilding or daydreaming. I can write in English, but it flows better in Spanish, which is my language. I have always been uncomfortable with my writing, there was a time where i showed everyone my stories when i was in middle school and i have some bad experiences with it :/
Evenescence is rad.
Also may be the fact that im very overprotective and jealous of my characters what puts me off when it comes to sharing my plots. Is that common, though? Sometimes i fantasize about them being popular and stuff, but then I remember what fandoms do to characters and I just want to keep them secret forever.

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