I fantasize interviews. I fantasize im a famous person (today its a female boxer) and i pretend theres a television crew and evrything and i start talking to the point where my mother says "who are u talking to?
Sometime when im deep in my fantasy i pace back and forth constantly.

Im not crazy i dont see hallucinations,idk does anyone else do this?

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elizabeth loughney said:
i do and i do it a lot some times get soo deep into my day dream to the piont were i dont see or hear realty but dtill know its fantasy

Yes! Thats exactly what i do too
Only by accident. I get so engrossed that I start making facial expressions, then I begin talking out loud, and if I don't notice it when I start talking, then I begin to move in the way I'm moving in my head - like you, a lot of it is to do with interviews right now.
wow im so glad im not the only one who does this! makes me feel a million times better!  i use to do it all the time until i learned i could just imagine it in my head but on occasion i will still do it. But i make sure theres no possible way i could get caught because well i would be too embarrassed and wouldnt be able to explain myself!~
Yea i think most of us are shy.

Marka said:

Yes, I crack up and laugh a lot during some of my daydreams! 

I'm rather shy in the real world too, (I think most of us are?)...It always amazes me how funny, thoughtful and clever I, and the other characters in my mind can be. Maybe that's a bit crazy, but sometimes the people in my daydreams seem more "whole" than the people in my real life.

Adriene said:

Haha, I do the rockstar/lip syncing thing, too. That's always fun. 


Have you ever had something really funny happen in your daydream where you just end up cracking up and laughing uncontrollably? Like me or one of my characters will make a joke. That always makes me feel like a crazy person... But then I'm also proud of myself because I said something clever, which doesn't usually happen in real life and with real people because I'm too shy. 

Hi, I do this too.  In fact, I share the whole thing about being interviewed.  I imagine being interviewed by Jonathan Ross (BBC presenter), or more recently that I'm a contestant in a Big Brother style show and being asked stuff by other contestants.

Was shocked first time realised was talking to self, but now treat these deep-daydreams as an indulgence and just make sure no one is around first, knowing full well I'll likely start talking out my 'part'. 

Thought it through a while ago, and I’d like to think that it’s my aspirational part’s way of trying to focus me towards a goal (in answering questions about what I’ve achieved or what I’m currently up to, that it’s somehow reminding me I need actually be doing something with my life).  Just a thought.

In direct response to Marka's point: I laugh and am somewhat proud (if that's the right word) of how articulate and witty I (and others) are in my daydreams.  Makes it all the more frustrating that I'm unable to link this to everyday life.  Seems my wit-to-daydream is flourishing yet my mind-to-mouth link is completely disconnected.  As if, when faced with another living breathing person, my ability to communicate naturally scurries away.  It's like even my thought process doesn't want to come out of its daydream-wrapped world. 

Believe this is likely due to different parts of the brain being fired: the parts for the cosy fluidity of daydreams are different to the more literal parts of the brain that deal with real life right-in-front-of-you.  If the two could be linked, I’d live a much happier life.

Oh thank God someone else does this!

I pace, and I laugh and sometimes almost cry (because I can't actually cry) if it's happening in my DDs. Also when I was younger, I used to DD about horses  a LOT, because I was obsessed with them. At this age, I was only about 6 or 7, and I would pace round the school playground. People were used to me doing that, but one day this girl came up to me and asked why I was jumping when I walked.

Also, one of my friends said I sometimes do a weird walk, which she demonstrated, I sometimes catch myself doing this walk when pacing to music in my room.

i'll sometimes mouth the words that my characters are saying or something like that, but never in public. only when i'm alone. i don't mean to do it, it just kinda happens. i never say anything out loud though. i'll laugh if i daydream about something funny, but i think everyone does that when they have a funny thought. i don't really do anything other than that, though.

I don't usually act out my daydreams (mostly because I am rarely in them at all), but sometimes if there is a particularly chilling line, I'll repeat it out loud. And recently I've caught myself acting out this farewell scene from a daydream (I don't walk around or move much, though, I just hug another person).  Although, I'm on my school's competitive acting team so I'm used to talking to imaginary people. xD

 I do that sometimes while I'm in bed. The most common weird position (not like, sitting up or anything but something actually weird) is when I'm belly down, knees against my chest, and either arms curled up and forehead on the bed or arms outstretched and me attempting to put my head chin-down, but that's kinda uncomfortable for a human (unlike it is for a wolf)

Truthful Alibi - for a while I had a massive obsession with horses (when I was really little I loved being an 'undiscovered animal' or a dog or cat, and soon I was always a horse instead, but now I don't do that any more. For a while in the horse phase, I started running like one does when they pretend to be a trotting horse, rather than jogging like a normal person. Now I'm mostly obsessed with wolves, hence the reason I have a few different wolfy forms in my DDs. For some reason, I've no horse form though. There's 6 sentient horses I'm friend with that live in Bottle Lake Forest, though.)


  Adriene said:

...a lot of times I'm standing up or in a weird position..."


I am incredibly ashamed of the fact that I act out my fantasies. It is the most embarrassing thing that I have ever done to myself, and I get caught doing it all of the time. But thanks for posting, and thank you all dearly for replying...I am not alone, I guess.

I act out my daydreams all the time. Like in my room. I totally move about and do all the stuff I'm imagining myself doing. I completely lose track of what I was doing.


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