I'm wondering if that's typical of all MDers.

Throughout my life I've just...well hated myself, and I mean hated myself. I can't help but go through life thinking I'm not good looking enough, not good enough for anyone, I have a bad personality, and everyone secretly hates me. 
I guess I have plenty of friends but I can't help but think that they all secretly just pity me and my pathetic self...

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I feel that way sometimes too. I tend to vary in polar extremes regarding myself, though. Sometimes I'm totally fine with the way I am, happy even, but other times I can't believe that I'm the person looking back at me in the mirror. I have a one or two very close friends, one of whom I know is completely enamoured with me (not in a romantic way) but everyone else leaves me with a lingering doubt of whether or not they actually like me, or just tolerate me. I find myself to be very annoying and embarrassing at times and I feel like those friends think so too, I'm not sure how true that is though. So basically I generally have very low self-esteem, but not always just usually. :p

At least you guys have some friends. xD I have low-self esteem too. Sometimes I beat myself up for it, and sometimes I feel okay, depending on the situation. But putting myself out there and making friends is difficult for me.

Everyone at some point in their life struggles with low self-esteem, its not something of a characteristic for MDers. You will eventually figure it out, or you could always go to a life coach or therapist to work on it. Really its nothing to be worried about, but you should do something about it, dont miss out on life's opportunities simply because of it.

It's like u read my mind :\. I just wonder all the 
Time If people pretend to like me or secretly
Hate me. Even if all my imaginary characters think 
I'm amazing or whatever. I just have to tell myself
That it's not true or unlikely..


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