Just a quickie post, I have a way of fueling my daydreams and I wonder if it's unique. I own an iPod and I put a lot of videos on it specifcally for the purpose of sparking daydreams. I will often watch the same videos over and over again and daydream myself into them.
Anybody else like this?

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Yes I download music videos and watch them over and over with myself as the main attraction :] I'm a superstar in one of my day dreams lol

Yeah my brother yelled at me for watching videos on my ipod in front of the tv x3
Yeah, always. And I've listened to songs hundreds of times, imagining that my characters were singing them, etc.

Anything music video related triggers sexual daydreaming for me since my celebrity crush is Lady Gaga and I have all of her music videos. I tend to watch her videos more while under the influence of marijuana, it helps the daydreaming become more vivid and visual so that I can lay down and think of everything instead of pacing around and acting things out loud quietly. Now, by saying that I don't recommend smoking weed to anyone not willing to try it, but it does help make my daydreams more vivid, relaxing, and less embarrassing to not get caught doing since it's in your head.


When I was 17 I used to pace around my room with my iPod in my ears, everyone wondered so much why I did it, but I'd be in another world seeing myself as a famous dancer who was dancing for millions of people cheering me on.

Yes I have special MD videos. I think I should delete them if I am serious about fighting this. Its like burning a photo!


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