Do your daydreams cause you to become jealous of pop culture?

Hello, I'm new to WMN and I've had excessive daydreams from since age 3. And lately I've been nearly going mad with jealous due to content, once or always present in my daydreams for 10+ years, appearing in new popular cartoons, movies, books, etc. For some reason its like my mind is telling me to do something creatively with these daydreams I've been having for nearly 2 decades, before someone else does. In fact, a recently popular animated web series that I loved when it first came out has suddenly turned into an object of pain, jealousy, and sadness. This isn't the first time my daydreams caused me to have random and prolonged bouts of jealous, but I usually just ignore those shows. But now as I am in college trying to get my degree and seeing all this newly released content, it feels like I'm not doing anything with my life and my mind and daydreams are yelling at me (not literally) to put them on paper, computer, or whatever platform I can do. 

But I kind of want to know, does anyone else get randomly jealosu when they see something, once or currently in their daydreams, a published work getting loads of attention?

Thank you :) 

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I've never experienced the jealousy you're talking about but I understand the wanting to do something productive with your daydreams. I find it easier be creative with characters that I don't excessively daydream about because I don't have to feel so connected to them. I can easier explain those characters. 


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