Do you think your daydreaming is a blessing in disguise or a curse ?

I have thought about this for some time.

It feels really good for me in my fantasy world and it also relieves me of all the stress and takes away all fear to be happy whenever and wherever I want.

At the same time it interferes with my personal life and I am unable to concentrate and do daily tasks like studying.

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I think it matters from person to person.

I personally, think my daydreaming is largely a good thing.  There are many reasons why I think that, but the largest is that I suffer from depression and my fantasy world does help with that.  My main character is a bit of a role model for me; she's a strong person, and when I'm feeling down I think about her.

Of course, I also have troubles with my characters wanting me to pay attention to them all the time, and I would completely understand if someone thought that theirs were a curse.  I think you yourself need to examine yourself and come to a personal conclusion.  Good luck. :)

I think that for me personally it's a blessing in disguise, but for a lot of other people it could be a curse.

I believe it is a blessing. Here is an example:

A few months ago, i went scating with my friends. I can't scate. I was so bad that i was unable to even leave the carpet and still stand. They went scating, an  i stayed behind, watching them. Instead of sitting down and waiting to go, my daydream characters helped me keep trying. My main character is from first-person and is supposed to be me. Every time i slipped, a friend was there to praise me, pick me up, and keep me going. I was all alone, but had the company of many. I managed to keep myself happy and have fun with my failure. With mdd, i was able to be my best with no support, and feel as though my closest friends were rooting for me. No one who doesn't have mdd can't have this. They can't teach themselves something in that way.

I think it's a curse and a beautiful and dangerous addition. Every time I allow myself to day dream and interact with one of my characters, I lose a part of me in the real world. For example I might be feeling really upset or stressed because of the week I have had so I will MD and in that moment I feel so alive and happy. It's so blissful and all my troubles melt away but then when it's time to come down it's difficult. I will still be on that high when I am in the real world, laughing to myself as I'm trying to come down which makes it dangerous. So for me it's a curse.
Definitely a blessing in disguise, this week I've currently put off at least 4 different tasks and I now have to do all of them today

For me, daydreaming is a blessing. I am fortunate in that I'm on the lighter end of the MDD spectrum. I'm lucky in that it doesn't intrude into my life, but is there when I need it.


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