Do you integrate your daydreams in your life ? Do you make them reality ?

Just think about what advantage you have : you can create everything there is inside your mind and there is a whole world inside of it. 

Use it, build it, enjoy it, make it come true - your reality is your playground. 

Go out there & rule ! 

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I think for me there are two separate spheres of my DD I'd rather not get intermixed. One is my DD of my actual future that I want to happen with my life, and I rarely ever day dream this though. I can vividly see myself doing everyday things as a teacher (what I want to do) and what I would do as the president of the United States (something far more difficult to achieve).

My other dreams are purely fantasy and for my enjoyment. It's like a massive movie plot in my head (I kind of don't want to explain it here I have my whole blog for that) if things in the dream became real, the human race is screwed.

I do however integrate my life into my daydreams. People, places, ideas, objects, etc. are all from my own experiences funnel directly into my dreams.   

Well if that would happen we're all doomed, unless I would be able to precisely control what dreams come true. Then I would use it to achief my goals in life.

I actualy have some daydreams about people that are able to do this. These people are called Brekers (breakers), but they are a danger to themself and the world and because of that they are being hunted by other more powerfull Brekers (and also robotic beings called "splijtkoppen" (splitheads) ).

If you think about it, we can al break. Some of our dreams are very simple, and we could simply make it happen if we were a little more self-confident. It's always easier to dream about doing something, instead of actualy doing it, even if we are perfectly able to do it. MD stands in our way. It's weird and paradoxal that if we didn't have these daydreams, we could make a lot of our realistic dreams come true, but then these dreams wouldn't be there.
Just some thoughts...

The fantasy side of my daydreams obviously can't be transferred irl, but I've made it a point to become more like my DD self---I've cut my hair, dyed it, gotten new friends, changed my personal style, started going by a nickname (my DD name)...and with those changes I've become loads more confident and happy with myself and my life. It's gotten to the point where real life feels like just another DD storyline, and it's blissful, to say the very least. I'm much less upset/afraid to "wake up" from my DDs and live in the moment now.

Andie S. I find that very interesting because I always feel like I am doing in my daydreams what I wish I was doing in my life. Aren't you sometimes disappointed when you aren't like your DD character? 

Oh, of course I get disappointed. But as far as friends and family know/understand, I'm just an entirely new person, and they treat me quite similarly to how my DD characters do/did. When I'm out with others, I don't notice many differences between me and my DD self. It's usually when I'm alone and don't have the "support" from others (basically them letting me feel like my DDs) that I fall into a depressive period again. I also was recently diagnosed as being bipolar, and I find that my high and low moods often go right along with how much I feel like my DD self.

Interesting too. On your high moods, are you more like your DD self?

Yep. The more I feel like I'm in a DD, the more I think I can take on the world, haha. But the second I start reminding myself that none of it is real, my depression starts to hit hard again.

I sometimes wish I was who I was in my dreams. And if you can't be that person you can at least dress like that person, and thats what I've started to do. Dressing like yourself in your dreams has actually helped me be better in a way, and it makes you feel good too.

Strange, but I never made it very far on my own in life but I always felt Bigger than everyone in real life because of who I was, am in my DD life.  So my self esteem sucked until I felt an attack to it.  Then my DD life kicked in and I felt powerful again. So for this I am grateful.


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