I have honestly never included myself or anyone I know in my daydreams, the idea of doing it makes me feel very awkward or embarrassed. My whole life i've based it off about four main characters who are all purely fictional, but i was reading other peoples posts and it sounds like most people have themselves as the main character.

What do you do?

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I have over 40 charictors and All my charictors are fictional but the main charictor which is myself. 

I have always included myself in most of my daydreams. Occasionally I have some where I am not a character, but 9 times out of 10 the "storyline" has me as the main character.

I don't include any real people in my daydreams because I feel like that could cause some awkwardness when I see them in real life :/
My daydreams all center around four main characters, and even though I usually choose the point of view of the same character, she isn't anything like me at all. She's just the most interesting.
About 95% of my daydreams include myself. Sometimes I'll just do daydreams about people who really do exist, but I'm not with them, it's just between those other people.

I also use books/tv shows/movies/pictures etc. as inspiration for my characters, such as their appearance or background, or even the main plot. And i agree, my main characters i guess represent what i wish i was (even if they have nothing to do with me) but at the same time, i add a lot of negative aspects to their lives and personalities too, so i'm not really sure either haha, I guess I'll never know.

Hollie said:

I think I am the same as you Ebony I have a lot of different characters but they are all fictional and I often borrow bits from fictional characters in books/films. However the more I think about it.. whist the main characters aren't me or an idealised version of myself they kinda represent something I want to be. And although this can change the main characters are always female..

So I'm not sure whether they're aspects of me, something I aspire to or just something purely fictional and for entertainment.. Who knows? ;)

I have a LOT of characters, but I am the star. I have a 'sidekick', a friend from reality and he is also better in my DDs. He's more attractive and stuff there than in reality.


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