I was just thinking about this. I love animals and I have many cats but in my daydreams, I have no animals. I find it very odd to be honest.

Do you have any pets in your daydreams?

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Sometimes a main character in my daydreams have a dog. I haven't had a dog since I was 15.

My main character has a golden retriever named Darcy :)

Not only do I have animals, pets and otherwise, in my day dreams; I am pretty sure that my pets have day dreams. And that the pets in my daydreams have day dreams.

Animals in a DD can be anthropomorphic, with any number of unusual attributes and abilities.

Yes. I have 2 cats in real life. In my "other" life I have multiple cats and several dogs, ferrets, etc. And I have enough money to take the absolute best care of them, and even hire an assistant if necessary. Lot of my pets "over there" are special-needs animals or really old ones - the ones nobody else wants. 

I've never had pets in my daydreams...but I do have cats and a dog now.  I probably need to escape from their behavior, lol.  I don't have kids either (except for daydreaming of the baby I can imagine having with my current bf, if we weren't both "fixed", lol)....I mainly have former/existing co-workers and boyfriends/husbands, and other people that are "real".

I have the same pets in my daydreams as I do in real life, my 2 cats, Mia and Grendel.  Not only that, but 2 of my other daydream characters have dogs, and I'm not even a dog person.  

A lot of the times I try to include my pets in my daydreams, but they end up fading in the background for some reason haha...I guess I just get too distracted by the main daydream and forget about them a little bit...but yes.

very rarely. I love animals in real life and have a husky and two cats, but in my dreams it tends to put limitations on what I can do so I avoid it. Too much responsibility and would hinder the things I want to experience. Very good question though ! It made me think.

wow, I have wondered the same thing. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and many farm animals. But they don't show up in my DDs. I have made an effort to include a dog in my DD with some success but the DDs that just "happen" don't have them. I think it's very odd.


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